Health benefits of virgin coconut oil l New Day

The recognition of virgin coconut oil has been hovering as a result of of its vitamin and well being benefits. VCO is thought to spice up middle well being, it might probably assist with weight reduction in addition to kill damaging pathogens similar to micro organism, viruses and fungi. Over the previous a number of months the Science and Technology Department has been learning if VCO can in truth combat towards COVID-19 and the consequences of the new find out about are encouraging.

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37 thoughts on “Health benefits of virgin coconut oil l New Day”

  1. After all these research and clinical trials, does anyone know whether the VCO is more or less effective than vaccine in preventing Covid-19 virus? Isn't this a more relevant question for VCO than using VCO as a adjunctive medicine?

  2. Completely wrong approach to use VCO as an adjunctive medicine. More relevant task is to test whether VCO is as effective as vaccine in protecting against the Covid-19 virus. But looking at how things are carried out, this simple test may take at least 150 years to complete. So let's wait.

  3. I am taking it for a past two months. And the result is mind blowing. I met an accident on 29th jan 2021. And my heelpad came out. Doctors shocked to see the injured leg. And they did surgery. But now the wound is 100%cured .Thanks to my wife for giving two table spoon vergin coconut oil in the morning.

  4. Coconut oil has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes such as bacterial and viral infections. My Grandmother gave it to us for coughs, stomach issues and other healing. If you don't know don't say nothing. Not all Dr's will approve because it is money out of their pockets and problems with pharmaceuticals. But Bush people and aboriginal people know the good use of this nut.

  5. Warm coconut oil with roasted sour orange juice is a great cough remedy. Cleans flem off chest. This is a known Jamaican Trelawny Albert Town remedy for stubborn cold. Then eat some of the roasted sour orange with brown cane organic sugar.

  6. It seems that there is no more Youtube video from Emeritus Professor Fabian Dayrit, who has now left with too many unanswered questions after more than a year into the trials.

  7. This is so unreal, what is there to test for VCO? I see this futile attempt because coconut and oil have been used in the Philippines and the by people around here for thousands of years, so now why is DOST doubting the coconut? From the earlier trials, hasn't the result already proved the effectiveness in reducing the virus by 60-90%? Now what the Philippines should do is to remove the "no therapeutic" label. Perhaps President Durtete himself ought to say a few words about this?

  8. Wala na akong naririnig na new study Sana Hindi lang sa vaccine kahit dito paglaanan din ng pundo I mean sinimulan niyo na tapusin niyo Malay niyo if not for Covid but for other research but it is still a good attempt to know whether VCO is either effective or not.

  9. Read about DOST is testing VCO for Covid at the PGH. Also read that DOST has been unable to get any volunteer to take VCO supplement since last year. Anyone knows the reason? People are more willing to stay longer in the hospital or get themselve into the intensive care unit than taking coconut? 8 humans will choose death over VCO every hour, why? Now more people are unable to even get into ICU. Most probably there will be another lockdown and more deaths.

  10. Well folks..the benefits of vco fascinates me so I tried to purchased the vco growrich in the drugstores. This in the form of
    capsule! I used to take it once a day after breakfast. I could say that this really works! I feel great everyday and never been exhausted! I never suffers from coughs nor colds! Just give it a try👍

  11. The DOST studies have been abandoned. Those people in DOST ought to be fired.

    DOST eyes July completion of clinical trial on VCO as COVID-19 treatment
    By CNN Philippines Staff
    Published Jun 30, 2021 5:40:10 PM

  12. After 3 years and all the public money poured in, DOST is still not able to.answer a simple question and that is does VCO offer any protection against death and ICU cases? What is the percentage of efficacy?

  13. I’m hitting up some of the comment sections related to coconut oil for Covid bc I actually have the variant and once I started using the coconut oil (I also started pineapple at the same time) that I started to feel much better. Just my own personal testimony.

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