How Olive Oil is Made | TOUR of our Mill in Italy

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Today I’m truly excited to convey you with me to my circle of relatives’s olive grove and in our mill the place we produce Giulia olive oil. I’m truly proud of the standard of our olive oil and I’m commemorated that it carries my title. It is very interesting to me to look how in only a few meters of distance from the beginning of the gadget to the tip, olives are fantastically remodeled into natural extra virgin olive oil.

I’m hoping you’ll be told one thing new about olive oil nowadays and prefer all the time thanks for observing!

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  1. Giulia! i know the process and strong aroma when its pressing the olives because my grandparents in Jaén (Spain) made it for many years too! what a coincidence! i'd like to try the olive oil from Sicily! is it possible to buy it in Spain? Next year i'd like to buy it 🙂 Thank you sooo much! ♡♡

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