29 thoughts on “How Olive Oil Makes You Fat

  1. @joeidaho5938 says:

    Lots of innuendo in this video, but not much that someone can take as proven fact, from a scientific point of view. Olive oil is not necessarily a subsitute for butter. For some people it is….but for most, it's a substitute for worse oils…like soybean, canola/rapeseed, corn and so on. And, to be honest, saying that olive oil is somehow responsible for obesity in certain parts of Italy…is just such complete bullshit. There are so many other factors not considered, that contribute to obesity in those parts of the world. Obesity is actually a problem all across the western world these days…simply due to inactivity.

  2. @PrimalBodhi says:

    Thanks for the video. It was very polished this time. Olive oil is not the miracle that some influencers claim. It is probably better than eating seed oils, but not as good as animal fats.

  3. @drmoonie says:

    Thanks Brad, do you think the ratio of MUFA to sat fat is important or the actual amount (g) of MUFA? Trying to work out what place dairy should have in my diet as has a fair amount of MUFA even if proportion is low.

  4. @multiphony says:

    Wow this is very interesting! you made me dream of a group of heroes of mine meeting, with kind of similar backgrounds: often no MD, but some personal reason to go very deep in to some aspects of health, far from the standard view, meeting and presenting some of your ideas and findings, and then discussing them with the right kind of other people…
    so many things are sooo wrong in the standard view..
    I think you have met Georgi Dinkov? but I believe not in the right setting.. Morley with his minerals seems also to have dug deep in some area of the puzzle.. of course many of my heroes who I believe have parts of the puzzle have died, like Ray Peat, or even Max Gerson (who had more interesting ideas then what his relatives made of them after he had passed).. Stephen Buhner is another recently gone hero of mine.. Stephanie Seneff has some interesting parts..
    the deuterium ideas may also play a role that is often overseen..
    but it really does not make any sense to wait for the official idea of what health is or what anything means to get anywhere.. and all the good ideas tend to come from quite far outside all the boxes..

  5. @ropiakpawel says:

    "The intake of foods higher in MUFA compared to foods higher in saturated fat may reduce body weight, body fat and insulin resistance when consumed on top of a diet moderate to high in carbohydrates. Further studies should be performed in individuals consuming low-carbohydrate diets to see if these effects would apply to these situations."


    Brad, above they write that olive oil could help on high carb diet. I'm looking forward to your video on macros, because if MUFA are bad, then the above authors should not reach that conclusion, should they?

  6. @scoobtoober2975 says:

    How about avacado oil. Refined or not. Would you guess a similar result. My waistline says olive oil is fattening for sure. I'm cutting it back down. Thanks for this tough research. I'm not cut out for science research journalism. Helping thin down the population.
    I saw a few weeks ago, progresso soup, "Keto" loaded with sunflower oil. 😉

  7. @natto84 says:

    As always I greatly appreciate these videos, but this idea in particular has always been so hard to square with what I actually saw in Rome: Tons of pork and olive oil and nuts, but almost no one was even a LITTLE overweight, much less obese. I just genuinely don't know what to make of studies claiming that Italians are fat. Studies about American obesity I don't doubt as much because it's so obvious that we have an obesity problem, but then studies like these make me doubt all studies because I just feel like I'm living in a different universe somehow.

    I do know that olive oil makes me hungrier, but all the times in my life when I was eating a lot of olive oil I lost TONS of weight almost effortlessly. Meanwhile my OmegaQuant results say I have the same saturated acid ratio as a French person, but saturated fat, which I've never much avoided, does not make me lose weight — although it avoids the health problems and weight gain seed oils cause me.

    Something that stands out to me as potentially relevant and interesting is that Italy has some weird genetic groups wrt weight and fat metabolism. I don't think YT likes external links, but for example, some Italians have a gene that makes a protein called A1 Milano which enables them to eat tons of fat and apparently sugar without assimilating it. Some info is on Wikipedia under "ApoA-1 Milano". That's not the only weird genetic variant in Italy, it's just the only one I thought to save info about.

    So part of me wonders that perhaps it's true that olive oil tends to be fattening? but for genetic reasons much of Italy seemingly handles it better? and maybe some random people (like maybe me?) have similarly weird genetic things going on. It's striking what a difference one little protein can make in such a huge, complex system. I certainly notice that the AhR stuff is highly relevant to me, but saturated fat is simply unproblematic and much superior to PUFA for me.

  8. @thart522 says:

    This is fascinating. My family is Greek so we’ve always considered olive oil as a mainstay of the healthy Mediterranean diet. After 40 I started gaining weight, so tried keto. Lost 4 pounds then hit a wall. Glad I found your channel. Look forward to seeing more about what we should eat to lose weight!

  9. @mpex1980 says:

    Damn.. I saw a video by the Moss Report on how Olive Oil is very good at preventing cancer. But I also need to lose weight. Could you shine a light on that? What should I do?

  10. @ptptpt123 says:

    Since medical practitioners advise Olive oil, it was bound to be bad. This is great presentation, always had doubts why MUFA and SFA were considered same amount of harmless.

  11. @StanDupp6371 says:

    Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara a longevity expert who lived to age 105 with awards and honors who helped save millions of lives and now has Japan as the country with the longest life expectancy everyday he would consume a glass of milk with one tablespoon of olive oil for smooth skin and smooth arteries. The C15:0, Sphingolipids, Omega 7 and Oleocanthal in this drink destroy cancer cells and protect the heart as olive oil slides plaque off the arteries and prevents plaque from sticking in the first place.

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