How to buy the best olive oil (and what’s the difference between them)

How do you buy olive oil and how do you know you are getting “good” olive oil – the best olive oil. This episode is dedicated to giving you the information you need, to help you buy the best olive oil with the most health benefits. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

00:00 INTRO
01:18 OLIVES
05:04 olive oil Processing
07:21 Extra Virgin vs Virgin vs Pomace
10:17 Packaging
12:06 What to look for when choosing olive oil
16:54 designations and certifications
18:37 summary
20:29 closer look at the bottles
20:25 Gallo
23:54 Barbera
26:17 Terra Delyssa
28:03 Carapelli
29:59 Segreto
32:50 Segreto 2
39:15 OUTRO

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33 thoughts on “How to buy the best olive oil (and what’s the difference between them)

  1. @oddballschtuff says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled onto your channel, but I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work! It’s the totally opposite of what I normally watch and produce myself but I just can’t stop watching.

  2. @RR-wb4uh says:

    Super valuable information, I love that you're breaking down the information and teaching us how to choose based on that. I feel confident now to got into a store and evaluate these oils and pick something awesome.

  3. @gwendearling4139 says:

    Thank you for an excellent explanation of how to purchase olive oil. Some information I was familiar with but so many excellent points. I need to read labels more carefully and change my purchasing practices. We saw the olive groves in Spain which lead us to loving Spanish olive oil. Thank you again for such great information.

  4. @Bamzuz says:

    A very enlightening broadcast, especially for us in in non-olive countries (I am from Denmark)🤓 Best wishes for a nice weekend to Ivo and his family – and to the rest of you 🤠

  5. @patrickkelly5004 says:

    You must have training as an auditor, Ivo. Only auditors I know would scrutinze olive oil to such an extent. PS: That's a left handed compliment. I spent the majority of a 43 year career doing audit work.

  6. @bonitaamorim2984 says:

    Just picked up the Carapelli yesterday….have bought this one before…it's good. My husband is fussy about his EVOO so we are always looking for the good ones as so many are now cut with cheaper oils. Thanks for the video.

  7. @vjamwal2000 says:

    Hi, I like your work and was impressed by your videos. I have an idea and would like to collaborate with you. Please share your your email and where you are located.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.

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