How to Extract Avocado Oil at Home

How to extract Avocado oil at house.
I display you the way to make Avocado oil on this video, Avocado oil has numerous advantages:

Moisturizes and nourishes hair and skin
Accelerates wound therapeutic
Treats sunburned skin
Reduces indicators of getting older
Improves scalp well being
Rich in crucial fatty acids & nutrients ( A, B-5 & E) and so much extra.

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40 thoughts on “How to Extract Avocado Oil at Home”

  1. Thanks a million my dear friend stay blessed as u saved me n many others from buying expensive un trustworthy oils in the name of organic n 100% pure , this one actually rocks 👏🏻😘♥️🙏🏼

  2. With this you might need to have your own avocado tree coz the quantity of the avocado plus the quantity of oil might not be satisfactory..but it's good I dea though

  3. I nearly bought an expensive face cream with advacado oil. When I read the ingredients,it was just full of chemicals and cost £33 ! So I found this video! I just wondered how you store it ? Hoping to do a nourishing face masque once or twice a week
    Maybe I would have to use one or two advacados for twice a week……
    Love this 😊

    Great video 😊.

  4. Great video! So, it takes around 6 days to get that much oil? I use too much oil for this to be useful in this day and age, but if I ever get taken out by truck-kun and reincarnated into another world that doesn't have oils, now I know! Thanks!

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