How To Make Compost At Home (WITH FULL UPDATES)

DAIZZ’S TIP:-Composting is a smart mission to do as it makes use of Food and backyard scraps that will another way be thrown away to make a nutrient-rich soil modification.Making compost appropriately will help you feed your vegetation very important vitamins and make your soil extra fertile, all whilst the use of pieces that will another way pass into your trash.


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26 thoughts on “How To Make Compost At Home (WITH FULL UPDATES)”

  1. Thank you so much sir for your time and effort. You are Really an inspiration. But sir what exactly is compost. The black soily thing. Is it separate or does it comeout as a result of this process?

  2. An excellent presentation. Easy step by step explanation. No jargon. No long introduction. No expensive compost bins. No ridiculous 30 day miracles. Looks very simple. Loved it.

  3. why Potassium is important in plants:
    – Potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata thus regulating the uptake of CO2 thus enhancing photosynthesis.
    – It triggers activation of important biochemical enzymes for the generation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides energy for other chemical and physiological processes such as excretion of waste materials in plants.
    – It plays a role in osmoregulation of water and other salts in plant tissues and cells.
    – Potassium also facilitates protein and starch synthesis in plants.
    – It activates enzymes responsible for specific functions.

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