How to Make Fresh Pasta Without a Pasta Maker or Machine—Just Flour, Eggs, Olive Oil, Salt

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For a pasta dough which may be simply rolled out through hand (however nonetheless cook dinner up into subtle, springy noodles), we added six extra egg yolks and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. In addition, we included a longer resting duration to permit the gluten community to chill out and evolved a easy, efficient rolling method.

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24 thoughts on “How to Make Fresh Pasta Without a Pasta Maker or Machine—Just Flour, Eggs, Olive Oil, Salt”

  1. I've tried them all; high gluten flour recipe, semolina flour, a mixture of both, without eggs and with eggs. THIS RECIPE IS THE BEST, HANDS DOWN, MY GO-TO ☆☆☆☆☆

  2. Lan Lam, I know this has been posted for quite a while now, but only recently reviewed it. I am 66 years old and have never attempted to make homemade pasta. Combining your technique, along with 2-3 others I had seen I got the confidence to give making pasta a try, and used a wooden had roller to roll out the dough and then sliced the noodles. It was delicious and the recipe that you provided gives the noodle the richest flavors. Thank you.

  3. roll until you can see through fingers, and skips the visual so we can't see how thin it is. but measure the dough with rulers because that's really important.

  4. She made it look so easy! I'm not as intimated to try making pasta. I was waiting till I could buy a machine. Now I know how to make it from scratch w/o a machine! Great job ATK! Love your shows and videos! Thank you!

  5. This recipe is free, and calls for a food processor.
    So you do have to buy one machine. But, you don't have to buy a machine you don't already own. That's true of everything,, isn't it?
    In truth, I can't make this one recipe because I'd have to buy a food processornmachine. To tell the truth, "they" are assuming a certain degree of weath in their audience.
    The rest of you are welcome to listen in and contribute to my YouTube channel's income.

    (Edit: I'm here resentful of the IP control because (most of or all?) the recipes, were on Free TV, and are now behind a paywall.) K'ching..$$

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