How to prune a bonsai tree | Winter pruning a Trident Maple bonsai

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In this video, I give an explanation for the 2 major strategies for pruning main branches of your bonsai in wintry weather. This is a bonsai horticulture video. I display you why one approach is healthier than the opposite.

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00:00 Intro & wintry weather pruning
01:16 The trident maple
02:11 1st and second 12 months cuts
03:52 Branch horticulture
04:42 Flush minimize
05:26 Stub minimize
06:39 Pruning choices
08:19 Big department chops
10:18 Winter symbol

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23 thoughts on “How to prune a bonsai tree | Winter pruning a Trident Maple bonsai”

  1. love the videos and how you explain each cut, only thing is I find the music too loud. I have kids and trying to listen to your voice when there is music on is hard with them talking in the background…

  2. Maples do seem to grow very fast. Both my yearling (4-5 months), and the slightly older one I found (probably a year and a half by now) have grown a lot this summer, and the bigger one already has a very nice looking and fairly thick trunk. 🙂 I love it! I just hope it'll survive the winter (my biggest concern right now). My elms grow super fast too. They're kind of thin sticks right now, but very tall. The tallest is almost a meter. XD

  3. As a Bonsai man myself, I like your style, technique and calm teaching method. Very English and (dare I say it) a bit posh! Can imagine you working on bonsai all morning then sitting back and admiring them over afternoon tea. You've just got another subscriber.

  4. Very interesting and useful and I have so many videos to catch up on yer channel. You have became a new favourite bonsai youtuber with professional tips but not on a snobby elitist level. You and Nigel Saunders are awesome and make alot to current and future enhusiast and amateurs. Keep it up

  5. I love the scientific break down you did on the differences in stub cut vs flush cut. I'd also want to know the science of cutting roots off. Like what are all of the ramifications of cutting off a root or multiple roots. How that effects other roots on the tree, the trunk and overall growth, how the foliage and roots are related to one another. Why do we cut back roots, etc.

  6. I'm totally new to bonsai and sincerely thank you for the help and support you are giving me. Please, please continuing to upload your tutorials, oh and by the way, I think your trees are nothing short of magnificent.

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