How to Prune Mint to Keep it Healthy & Root Mint from Cuttings for an Endless Supply🌿

Here’s how to prune mint to stay it wholesome and the way to root mint from cuttings for an never-ending provide. Root cuttings NOW earlier than chilly climate hits and develop it for your kitchen windowsill throughout the wintry weather months.

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32 thoughts on “How to Prune Mint to Keep it Healthy & Root Mint from Cuttings for an Endless Supply🌿”

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    Are you growing mint in your garden?  Thanks for watching!

  2. Spray it with hydrogen peroxide. I learned that at Gary Pilarchik channel that I saw u went and toured recently I think? Thought I saw a video. Anyways, new gardener and I got spider mites from the nursery. It anhillated the mites. My Mom was a master gardener so I am not totally c look clueless. She used to use dishsoap, cayanne and oil in a spray bottle but not sure how she didn't clog the sprayer. Must have filtered it.

  3. I had beautiful mint! Then I go out and noticed the leaves were all falling off and the stems are turning brown! Darn. I can’t even grow a radish! I try to take cuttings and put them in water and I can’t even get them to root! I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I was thinking spider mites so I sprayed with water and then tried Neem oil. I live in WA state. Please end a little heat this way!

  4. So I basically started taking care of the mint after my father naught them and got bored of of them so they went a week or two without water and looked very sick, little to no leave the closer you got to the bottom yellow etc. so I basically watered them every night and no they are flowering but the leaves are still small and still restricted to the tips of the new growths. Any tips?

  5. Hi! So I got mint cuttings from a friend on July 17. I put them in soil right away. It was a mistake. Within a few hours of them looking sad I put them in water that same day later in the afternoon. Within a week and a half most did root. One is even growing baby mints. But I still have 2 mints in water that have not rooted yet. Is there something I can do for them to root?

  6. It is nearly a year after you posted this. I’m so glad I watched this because I let my mint go to flower for the bees and I’m not sure if the leaves are still good for tea, etc. so I was going to wait till next spring for another harvest. But!!!! Now I know I should root it and grow it inside for the winter!! What an idea!!

  7. Hi Kim, Sharon, Virginia zone 7a. This is mt first time growing mint. I have 2 Mojito Mint plants I got from Amazon and they are doing great indoors. Also a neighbor gave me another mint from her garden and I trimmed them and put them in a jar of water. It smells heavenly and I love to add mint leaves to my herb tea. Thanks for demonstrating how easy it is to root mint. Keep the videos coming! garde

  8. I might be the only person that doesn't mind if my mint garden is invasive. Idk what kind of mint I have growing but the leaves are HUGE and it smells absolutely delightful!! 😍😍🌿🌿

  9. Hi I'm a new beginner at growing a mint plant. So When You Are Pruning The Mint Plant Before The Winter. Do You Keep Watering The Plant In The Winter? And Keep It Outside Or Bring The Plant Inside?? I'm sorry but I'm new at this. This is my first time growing mint.

  10. I ordered some chocolate mint and some orange mint. They need to be transplanted. The chocolate mint plant doesn't look the best. It appears to be dying and has some "chocolate" on it's leaves…brown patches. Underwatering hasn't been an issue. I am going to try transplanting it out of its 4 inch container today into a bigger pot and see if it will do better. My orange plant seems to be doing a bit better but it has some, what I call, runners. Can I clip and replant these runners or should I put them in water? They are long and spindly. Is there something I can do to help my chocolate plant that isn't looking so good? Your information would be greatly appreciated. I keep reading about how easy mint is, but chocolate mint has really given me some issues. I also have spearmint and it's doing great in a container….I did transplant the orange mint and took some wooden sticks and attached some of it so it would stand up straight. Is that the right thing to do? I am wondering if I should just trim it back now after watching your video. Thank you.

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