How to safely remove EAR WAX at home using a bulb syringe | Doctor O'Donovan explains!

Dr O’Donovan takes you via a step by step information on how to safely wash out the ear and transparent impacted ear wax using a bulb syringe.

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33 thoughts on “How to safely remove EAR WAX at home using a bulb syringe | Doctor O'Donovan explains!”

  1. Hi doctor I need too get my right ear syringed I'm going to my doctor to get it removed I have horrible anxiety and I'm scared something will go wrong I have 2 questions does softer the wax make it less chance of something going wrong and does every doctor know how too do the procedure not sure if this is right place to ask but can't see anyone else to ask

  2. why not squeeze it too hard? why no hot water? my manual didnt say to leave the water in. this method isnt effective. ill have to try tilting my ear towards the sink and using tonnes of pressure. because im too cheap to buy some fucking 30 buck wax melting shit and have it in my ear for a long 10 min

  3. Thank you so much, been having problem with my hearing for the past few days till I came across this video, now I can even hear the angels singing 😃

  4. I definitely need to do this. My mom used to clean my ears and she did it really well but since it’s been 6 years at most cause I made her stop when I was around 14 and I can’t really hear anymore 😂

  5. Can the bulb push the wax deeper into your ear? I just tried this with hydrogen peroxide (5 drops) and a pretty powerful ear syringe. The ear's more plugged up than it was before. Maybe the water's still in there? Aggravating as hell. I want to keep trying though.

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