How to Sauté Garlic in Olive Oil

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Miranda Valentine, founder/editor of the preferred way of life weblog, Everything Sounds Better in French, , displays us how to saute garlic in olive oil!

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34 thoughts on “How to Sauté Garlic in Olive Oil”

  1. Mmmm, I ADORE the smell of sautéd garlic! It's especially good when paired with sautéd onion as well. Add fresh thyme to the mix and you have a smell that came directly from Heaven.

  2. OMG!!!!! YAASSS! I friggin love garlic! It tastes amazing, it smells amazing, and it's so good for you! I do tend to accidentally toast my garlic when I saute it which is why I needed a tutorial. Thank you! Keep up the awesome vids! <3

  3. Aloha! Thank you for your video. Your instructions are simple and clear. I'm a terrible cook with no attention span, I NEED to be told, "don't wander off now!" because I'll walk off. I think I missed the cooking gene but at 56 I've decided to finally try! We're stuck inside for a quarantine from the coronovirus so it's the perfect time. You were my second video! Thank you! I'll go watch some of your others. Mahalo! (my pic is from Maui several yrs ago)

  4. Can I use vegetable oil? I want to cook a steak in a lil oil flavoured with garlic. I have an electric stove settings 1 to 10.
    5 being medium , what temp should I perform this process?
    Plz and Thank you. Anyone?

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