How to stay healthy in 2022: Dr Ken Berry tells GB News' Mark Dolan his tips

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47 thoughts on “How to stay healthy in 2022: Dr Ken Berry tells GB News' Mark Dolan his tips”

  1. Dr Eric Berg on YouTube. Keto and intermittent fasting. It works where nothing else does. I'm a health professional of 30 years and its frustrated me for years why we advocate carbs and fruit full of sugar. Meat, fat, swap fruit high in sugar for veg and salad for vitamins and minerals. Vit D supplement daily.

  2. Most of the world would die if there were no grains, rice, or potatoes. And how are bacon and eggs sustainable or traditional? What he’s saying doesn’t quite add up, looking at the staple foods of all traditional and modern societies, which are carbohydrates. Vegetable oils apart from olive oil are not a traditional food, so not having very much of those makes sense.

  3. Perfect sense and as a Type2 diabetic everything he said was correct. But restricting your diet is incredibly hard and takes massive will power. I gave up cigarettes and alcohol quite easily but food is different.

  4. I started this way of eating a couple of years ago. Dr Ken Berry has been one of the main people I follow along with Dr Paul Mason, Dr Shawn Baker and a few others. At 56 my health and life have completely changed for the better. So sensible, easy and satisfying. I urge anybody to try this

  5. Following Dr. Berry's advice I have taken my a1c (the test that averages a person's blood sugar over three months) from 15 to 5.4 (normal range is below 5.7 and 5.7 – 6.4 is prediabetes)!

  6. Following Dr. Berry, I improved my kidney function, 34% to 61%. I improved my A1C, 5.5 to 4.8. I raised my HDL, 32 to 73 and lowered my Triglycerides, 534 to 69. I have lost 40 lbs and kept it off for 3 yrs. A short summary from a long list of improvements. Try it and decide for yourself.

  7. Just look what your royals eat in the Buckingham Palace .They are the most healthy people on this Planet . Prince Philip will be still alive if "they" didn't send him for the open heart surgery at his age of almost 100 years .

  8. Dr. Ken Berry is truly a caring, knowledgeable, straight shooter as well as many more accolades 💪. Follow and listen to him (along with many other doctors who changed their health with low carb diet and lifestyle) and now educate us to be our own advocate. He made such a positive impact on my health (as well as my family’s health) that there are not enough words to express how grateful I am for his courage to speak up and share his research and knowledge. I look forward to one day soon to thank him in person! 💪

  9. Eating the way he recommends stopped my migraines, bleeding gums, acid reflux, improved my tinnitus, got rid of IBS issues, cleared up my psoriasis and stopped my knee hurting. My GP isn't happy because he's convinced I need to eat a mainly plant based high carb diet but I no longer have nasty symptoms or need regular medication so I know what I carrying on with!

  10. I’ve been following Dr. Berry’s advice for 1 year. My diabetes 2 is in remission (A1C is now 5.6), blood pressure down to 110/75, lost 65 lbs, never hungry, more energy than when I was in my 20’s, sleep through the night, and HDL up 200%. I’m 61 been trying to follow government nutrition guidelines all my adult life. Not anymore. I’m a slow learner. Thanks Dr. Berry.

  11. Dr. Berry is GOLD! I have gone from pre diabetes to non diabetic, improved ALL of my Fibromyalgia symptoms, lowered my blood pressure, cleared my brain fog, lost more than 15 kg of fat and have had many other improvements since going on the PHD (Proper Human Diet).

  12. We love all the wonderful advice from Dr Berry. Reversed diabetes (A1C 4.9), reversed GERD, reversed fatty liver, improved kidney disease from Stage 3 to Stage 2. Thank you!!

  13. Listen to him people. I did and lost over 80 pounds. Now my weight has been stable at my ideal level for many months now. I cured my diabetes without drugs! My arthritis pains have disappeared. I have more energy and do more every day than I have been able to for years. This shouldn't matter to me, but I still find it cool that at 57yrs old I have beach ready abs.

  14. Ken Berry makes logical sense. The NHS is full of doctors who agree with Ken Berry. I know two of them. The problem with the NHS it is slow and clunky and if a doctor contradicts the generally accepted procedures they are deemed either as reckless, a maverick, inept and incompetent or a trouble maker and it causes problems with their advancement. Many doctors and specialists learned their expertise many years ago and have never questioned their learning or investigated new advances in various areas of medicine that they are supposedly expert in. Those new advances are particularly slow to develop in the NHS. Eventually knowledge filters down but only after hundreds of thousands of patients are acting on poor advice are damaging their bodies and shortening their lives.

  15. Love Dr. Ken Berry ! Keto and carnivore eating are the best ! I’ll be 74 in July. I desperately started the ketogenic diet in 2017 with Dr. Eric Berg when my weight would get as high as 168 to 185. Nothing else was working for me and I was feeling absolutely terrible. I was working out and eating a high fiber low saturated fat diet and
    it was a vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight …I could never lose weight permanently. In 4 months, I lost 34 lbs. and brought my pre diabetic number from 6.4 to 5.1. Diabetes and heart disease ran in my family…I have kept my weight in the 130’s for 5 years with out strenuous work-outs, just walking . Before my weight would fluctuate at 154 to 168, now it fluctuates from 134 to 139, and it only goes above that when I add too many carbs and fruits to it. It’s definitely a diet dealing with balancing your hormones. That’s the bottom line. The hormone Inulin stores fat…carbs raises insulin….remove carbs lose weight, and keep it off. Thank God for Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Ken Berry, and Dr. Sten Ekberg. They are my favorite docs .

  16. Please get him on again or Prof noakes , dave feldman so many on you tube I don't understand why they are all American and no English doctors on here except Dr aseem malhotra .

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