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One of my favourite techniques to upload existence and colour to an area is through styling the inner rooms with contemporary indoor crops. Not best do they assist strengthen indoor air high quality and receive advantages psychological well being, bringing the outside in creates a lush and lovely surroundings all 12 months spherical. Check out my best tips about how to taste each and every room in your house with houseplants and my favourite indoor bushes.

Indoor Plant Styling Tips for:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Entryway
02:55 Living Room
05:00 Dining Room
07:30 kitchen
09:30 Bedroom
11:25 Home Office
12:55 Bathroom

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Modern Planters:
Woven Planters and Baskets:
Organic Vessels:
Mid Century Planters:
Sculptural Planters:
Hanging Planters:
Macrame Plant Hangers:
Brass Planters:
Black Planters:

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36 thoughts on “How to Style Your Home with Indoor Plants | Julie Khuu

  1. GenericName4ash says:

    Really enjoyed this video! Thank you for taking us through every room and providing options! My favorite takeaway from your video was “Look up, look to the sides, look to the floor” for plant placement – appreciate the content and effort, thank you!

  2. Zippy Ustar says:

    The biggest cost with plants is pots/ buy the biggest ones you can one jade gone wild in a big pot/ aloe gone wild too they both become giants with big pots. Look great in an home become family members if you give them names/ lemon tree or Avocado can be started from seeds make great family members.

  3. Pelican Seaweed says:

    I love all your videos Julie. Many thanks for the effort you put in to creating them. A very small request, could the background music be altered in any way? The repetitiveness means I am tending to mute it and then I miss what you're saying. Take care and thanks again

  4. sandra Hickey says:

    I put plants on my window sills mostly where they get indirect light, then on tables, plant stands, near windows. I haven't got alot of space or tall ceilings, but I utilise what I have. I have plants on my dining table as there's alot of light. My FLF is outside during the day, it's not too big to move yet, I haven't had it long.

  5. Griffith.was.a.victim says:

    i want a large olive tree inside my 18 foot ceiling house, but you stated it only last 10 years indoors? can you tell me where you found that information? and do you know any online shops that deliver olive tree to canada, can't seem to find it here.

  6. Chibi Girl says:

    I have a rule against growing non edible plants… That being said: there are many beautiful dwarf/columnar trees for lemons, apples, figs that do great indoors, and there are a surprising number of edible flowers (lavender buds are amazing in chicken soup!).

  7. Vicki Gonya says:

    I truly ❤️ LOVE your videos. I had a couple areas of my house that had me stumped. I was able to facilitate gorgeous solutions from. Ideas on your pages. Thank you 😊

  8. Vicky Athanassiou says:

    Amazing video Julie! This is my favorite channel and it has helped me a lot with decoration. Many things have unfolded in my mind because I was very confused. Now I make the entrance, in the hall of my house with a console and next to it a plant in the corner. I would like to ask if it matters to the height of the plant when it is right next to a console. Should it be the same height as the mirror or does it not matter? Thank you for your time!

  9. Nancy Mccardle says:

    Love your video you have a lot of good tips . Please create a video on house plants that you can put on top of the refrigerator that are already in flower pots. Thank you have a lovely day 😘

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