How Tomato Sauce Is Made In Italy | Regional Eats | Food Insider

Every summer season, Isabella, her mom, Dina, and her daughter, Federica, honor the circle of relatives custom and make tomato sauce of their garden. The procedure is a exhausting one who takes a number of hours, from handpicking every tomato to including basil leaves into jars one after the other. This yr, the circle of relatives has became greater than 200 pounds of tomatoes into sauce.

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How Tomato Sauce Is Made In Italy | Regional Eats | Food Insider

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26 thoughts on “How Tomato Sauce Is Made In Italy | Regional Eats | Food Insider”

  1. I would keep the skin, that's where 95% of the nutrients are. The protective layer the fruit builds up to protect against the sun is where all the health benefits are from, Just like in grapes from wine

  2. I'm 23 from Sicily, but I live in Milan (in some ways, "unfortunately"). I have moved up North for University when I was 18, but every time I come back home, usually for summer, tradition hasn't changed. Just like this family, we gather and prepare around 100+ jars of tomato sauce. Just like them, we also use whatever jar we can find. Living far from home, I had to adjust to supermarket-type tomato sauce, but it simply isn't the same. This year, my family and I delivered some homemade goods (among which, tomato sauce) to the family of my new boyfriend. It was such a pleasure to share with them. I really hope I'll never stop making this and other food with my family and my future one (if I'll ever build one).

  3. the Italy is famous for its red sauce and its just amazing to see its making even on a video.. i am a big fan of tomato sauce and this natural tomato sauce recipe i just love it thanks for sharing a lot of love from planet ayurveda

  4. I started making my own pasta sauce a few months ago. It's much cheaper and more delicious to make it myself. Each time I make sauce, it's better.

    I had never put sugar in my sauce before, thinking it was an Americanism, but they did it in this video so I added some sugar. We will see how it goes. This time I also added some milk and truffle oil; if it's a mistake, I only need to live with it two or three weeks as I eat a hell of a lot of pasta sauce. If I had to eat only pasta every day, I would be happy. This is how I survived working my way through college–pasta and eggs.

    I love how they use various jars and bottles at the end for their pasta sauce because I wondered if that was OK. Unfortunately though, I am of no mind to buy sauce from a store since I started making my own, and bought a special, fancy jar from France for my sauce before my first attempt. But who knows; the volume I've been making has been increasing, so I should get more jars. Also, I want to give sauce to my friends sometimes as a gift, so I should start saving up jars.

    I tear up the basil leaves as I put them in the still cooking sauce. Is this a mistake?

    Also, today I added some milk and truffle oil to my pasta sauce. Is this blasphamy?

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