How Traditional Italian Focaccia Bread Is Made In Bari, Italy | Regional Eats

Breaking clear of the extra well known olive oil seasoned flatbread, focaccia in Bari, Italy is a banquet of flavors made with tomatoes, olives, oregano, and olive oil. We visited Panificio Fiore, an area bakery that is been churning recent focaccia on a daily basis for over a century. The bakery is only a few steps clear of the town’s Basilica di San Nicola, a very powerful vacation spot for pilgrims far and wide the arena. For the ones foodies exploring the previous the town on some other more or less pilgrimage, a slice of focaccia right here will value only one euro and can needless to say open the doorways of heaven.

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How Traditional Italian Focaccia Bread Is Made In Bari, Italy | Regional Eats

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42 thoughts on “How Traditional Italian Focaccia Bread Is Made In Bari, Italy | Regional Eats

  1. blaise monfort says:

    Panificio fiore is not 100 yo but more like 70 or something, and frankly, their focaccia is far from being the best in Bari. Panificio Violante is far better. Best focaccia I've ever tasted is made by the "Panificio il Torrione" in Conversano, a beautifull little town worth visiting, 30 km south of Bari.

    PS: I'm from Bari

  2. Evolutiongat says:

    Claudia just EXUDES class in a way no other presenter does. She's smart, traveled, and charming without being patronizing, naive, and/or fake/scripted like every other presenter.

  3. Frao Medina II says:

    Here in northern New Jersey we have a bakery that makes fresh Focaccia everyday and wet mozzarella there's nothing that I like more then to buy some fresh Focaccia sprinkle some mozzarella on it and heat it up in the oven the smell in the house is amazing and The Taste is great and it's even better with some anchovies on top

  4. Kona Boyz says:

    Coming from Hawaii I had a stop over here on my way to Greece via a ferry boat….. Everyone there made me feel like I was at home again.
    surfing CPA Hawaii 🏄‍♂️

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