HUGE Xbox Leaks, Olive Oil Heists, Unity Update & More

It is Wednesday, September 20th and Stuff has Happened.

The price of a very specific oil is skyrocketing. Also, Unity is promising changes but people aren’t optimistic, Microsoft has suffered a couple of massive leaks, AI isn’t really winning all our hearts, and lets imagine a Pope cage match.

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11 thoughts on “HUGE Xbox Leaks, Olive Oil Heists, Unity Update & More

  1. @soloistpro says:

    As an older Millennial, I love the potential of AI and what it can do if it's programmed to do the most good, not the most profitable, but as is always the case, the problem lies in the people in charge of using it and horrible capitalists. The tech itself is amazing and has a ton of potential. We just have to figure out how to use it for the greatest good, not the greatest profit.

  2. @rosemarygutierrez4782 says:

    I accidentally bought olive oil like a week ago cause I thought I didn't have any. Turns out I did so now I have two bottles of olive oil. I wonder if I can haggle with my landlord so they don't raise my rent next month 🤔

  3. @AstralArtsYT says:

    Hey Endeavorance! I LOVE your content. You spoke a bit about artists on twitter in this video, and as a fulltime artist who relies on twitter for their audience, there's something I want to touch on that your video glosses over:

    for a LOT of us fulltime artists who happen to have most of our following on twitter, the solution isn't always as simple as "just go somewhere else". I know that's not what you meant in your video, but since I know a lot of people will end up watching it, I just kinda wanted to clarify. Artist's based in twitter are really scrambling right now, myself included, and for GOOD reason. Losing twitter could mean losing tons of potential clients, and even the clients that DO follow us if we swap social medias won't be enough on its own for us to survive. Unfortunately, most regular people WON'T crossfollow us everywhere, and losing the reach we've built up with YEARS of following on a place like twitter by going somewhere else means a lot of us are probably about to be out of jobs, even if we DID try to make backup plans.

    The unfortunate truth is, unless we also got lucky and had BIG followings already in other places, this hurts TONS of people regardless of what we try to do now (and honestly? Even as a tiktok creator with 40k+ followers on my old main and another 2k on the one I currently use, Twitter IS where most of my business comes from. There aren't a lot of good alternatives to Twitter for us right now.)

    I know you probably just glossed over this bc of video runtime and not because you actually thought it would be "easy" but I just wanted to give an artist's perspective to anyone who might be reading. I also 100% agree: if you're an artist, you should NEVER throw all your eggs into one basket with a social media platform. I really hope all the artists out there (myself included) find places where we can keep doing what we do ;-;

    Anyway, another great video again. Hope you have a good week!

  4. @maewinter1531 says:

    I'm a millennial and I work with AI. I like AI because of its ability to make things better and easier for us. I'm not afraid of losing my job to it because I've lucked into a role that requires me to be the person who tests and improves my company's AI. They can't make it better without having people like me testing and making sure it's doing what it was designed to do. I've also just completed an MS in Psychology and have realized that there is a growing market of those in tech wanting to have explainable AI and psychologists can help with that. What I don't like is the asshole tech guys who want to use it to make a ton of money and disenfranchise those around them. Ethical AI is super important right now because it can help keep these assholes from exploiting other people.

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