Hunting For White Truffles In Italy | Regional Eats

The white truffle rising within the woods of Alba, Piedmont, Italy, is the rarest and costliest truffle on the planet. This truffle is larger and extra aromatic and flavorful than different varieties, with a touch of nuts and candy garlic. To develop, it wishes compact, marly soil and bushes like chestnut, oak, poplar, and linden. Join us as we practice a truffle hunter for an afternoon and be told one of the simplest ways to retailer cakes and which meals they pair best possible with.

Mirko Febbrile is a 1 Michelin-starred chef in Singapore.

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Why Italian White Truffles Are The World’s Most Expensive Truffles | Regional Eats

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28 thoughts on “Hunting For White Truffles In Italy | Regional Eats”

  1. I’ve gone hunting for white truffles in Italy. And we found some and had them prepared for us that night. After that we went to the Oregon truffle festival where the only other place known to have white truffles exists. We went truffle hunting there as well but we were not as lucky as we were in Italy. My take is simple. Stop supporting expensive restaurants which serve over priced “gourmet” ingredients prepared by overacted yelp reviews and a romantic view of an ingredient you did not, and the restaurant did not gather themselves. The romantic ideal is lost to those who do not take the time to understand the full experience and the sacrifice of their time and the knowledge needed with the perseverance to gather such ingredients with their own two hands, with their own effort and use their own culinary ideas and acumen to consume such an extravagant and expensive and limited ingredient. Sushi is in the same category. The same individuals who decry environmental disasters do not take the time to explore and discovery on their own the natural world. They do not fish. They do not hunt and they do not gather. They support an industry that causes more environmental disaster and has more fraud than it gives back. Politics does not solve this issue. Voting for hollow promises to “protect” the environment does not make things better in reality. And yes, I spent years studying and advocating and defending the real proprietors of the environment. Managing these systems has failed. A look but don’t touch philosophy does not work. Closing oysters farms while kelp disappears on coast lines with no money for real scientific insight to award grants to those who tow the popular political ideals of the day does not allow more resources to defend the environment with real enforcement. The public does not seek out reality. They are sold talking points so they can feel better about their own lives. Most people do not get on a boat for days at a time and go out to sea and catch fish. Most people do not dawn SCUBA gear and collect lobster. Most people do not free dive for abalone. Most people do not walk into the forest to find a cache of chantrels after a rain storm. Most people do not know the wine industry uses large amounts of water and depletes ground water for profit while other farms suffer, reservoirs are torn down, water storage is depleted and it’s all conveniently blamed in climate change so they can eat a fancy dinner in down town Napa. The bill always comes due. Real creativity is lost. Eat cow liver and cow heart and sheep brains? Living high in the hog has a cost.

  2. Ive never had real truffle. Ive had the supposed truffle import sauces. Which can be delicious. Personally. Pecan, mushroom, and whatever else you like. Usually walnuts or chestnuts. Really offers a truffle supplement. The awkward slightly sour bitterness of truffle flavor is strange and intoxicating. . But you can the same essence without real truffles. Enjoying your food. Dont think you need a top tier delicacy.

  3. I wana see Claudia do the North American vids (moreso than the ones that currently do them). She seems to have such a zest for life, and comes across as authentic in her vids. Anddd shes a cutie <3

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