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44 thoughts on “I TRIED GUA SHA FOR 30 DAYS… & … OMG !!! | KAUSHAL BEAUTY”

  1. 9:48 I'm not sure which one is the before, and which one is the after, but the one in lavender looks more like the AFTER. Tighter, more "pulled up", but also your hair was pulled up tight in a pony tail, while in the the pictures it was (also up, yes, but) much more relaxed.

  2. You're doing it wrong . 😅
    Visibly putting a lot of pressure while pulling. Can see the skin tug. If you see an expert doing it, they would particularly tell you not to pull whatsoever. Do it with gentle handle.

    Also, you were holding the Gua Sha perpendicular to your face which is a wrong practice.
    You should keep it ALMOST parallel.. a little inclined.
    Because You are not supposed to massage with the edge of the tool, but the surface of the tool.

    See an experts tutorial and you will get where you're going wrong.

  3. I just started using gua sha too! It's so incredibly relaxing. I got the terahertz stone and am using essential oils with jojoba and rose hip oil as carriers. Joining the movement 😁

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the dermatologist DOCTORLY both said when doing this treatment you go downwards on the neck which I thought was wrong but I'm sure they said downwards xx

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