I Used Coconut Oil On My Hair For 7 Days

I’m excited to in spite of everything give coconut oil a possibility to regard my hair by itself for a complete week! Known for being an international legend on the subject of beauty and health, coconut oil guarantees to show frizzy, boring and dry hair right into a silky, glossy and frizz-less crown. But is it true? Let’s to find out!

Thank you @Bianca Bello for appearing us the facility of coconut oil as an in a single day remedy and galvanizing me to create this piece. Thank you @Erica Sager for educating us how not to injury our hair seeking to wash off oily hair mask.

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Coconut oil now not for all hair sorts:
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Should you employ coconut oil in a single day?

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45 thoughts on “I Used Coconut Oil On My Hair For 7 Days”

  1. 🚨🚨🚨Hey Love!! I NEED YOUR HELP. My family and I have turned this and other videos into fundraisers for India. 🇮🇳You may already know that India is going through very tough times because of the pandemic. They need us. They need us so much today. 💔I'd like to humbly ask you to please consider making a donation through the fundraising link in this video – it's above, on the video. Donations go 100% to Unicef, which is helping by providing much needed resources for our women, men and children of India. Please… any help is help. God bless you and thank you!
    Girl, I love you like I luv seagulls… with my entire soul 💙 Remember to use good quality coconut oil. Suggestions and advice in the description.
    🔹Should you warm up the oil? Experts say that it makes no difference to warm it up in your hands or a pot when it comes to opening up the hair follicles. However, if the coconut oil is cold and hard, you should warm it up in your hands or in a bain marie to liquify the oil to make application easier.
    🔹Why did you skip your scalp? Coconut oil is known for clogging pores and being a little mean to sensitive scalps like mine. However, it is not bad for all scalps. For some people, it can help relieve itchiness and dryness and even get rid of dandruff – or it can create ALL of those issues if your scalp is like mine. So, test it out slowly – definitely skip overnight oiling if you don’t know how your scalp reacts.
    🔹CORRECTION: coconut oil does not have protein but it is debated as to whether it acts or not as a protein. (It does have a protein overload effect for some people, myself included – and that's where the debate begins.)
    🔹Erica’s hack has an extra step for fixing hair that still holds oil. But if you’d like to know, check out her awesome video! https://youtu.be/gg09C8I2CQs

  2. Removing this oil requires shampooing.
    Do not apply it daily
    Shampooing our hair may cause severe hair damage
    Instead experts advise us to apply these kinds of oil hair masks maximum 3 times per week and that's what do this is it i'm done i'm going overnight with it and we'll see what tomorrow

    You know that the issue of using oils in your hair removing it you probably need shampooing and just not once but a couple of times which is just not great for you hair.
    I did a little research and found erica sager she has this hack where most of the times she removes the oil entirely with just a single shampooing session. So i'm obviously gonna test it
    Erica's heck consist of applying any conditioner. Don't mind using a lot of before washing yor hair spread it well all over from top to bottom once you're done filly rinse off the conditioner follow it up with shampoo and if you want to add more conditioner at the end just like you normally would erica's
    Hat wasn't perfect but it actually helped a lot you can notice some oily spots especially if you go deeper but in areas where i really put on the conditioner my hair is clean.
    I honestly don't think i gave erica's hackathe a chance i think it was a little too cheap with the conditioner
    I'm testing a different application apporoach. I'm gong to try use the same amount of coconut oil i used before but i'm going to pour it into this bigger bowl. So my lazy technique consists of dipping my hair and squeeze some of what the tips have on top of the other hair and you have to be very gentle this is easily 10 times faster than applying by hand or by aplicator. I'm not noticing as mush hair shedding as i did with my by hand application there's 2 little hair strands in there hi carlos so you're gonna put a little bit of oil put some come here in today's

    I'm dividing my hair in smaller sectoins and applying a good amount of conditioner not being cheap anymore let's hooe it woks

    Coconut oil's ability to penetrate your hair and make it moisture resistant can block much needed moisture and nourishment from helping your hair which makes it even drier

  3. Olive oil…is my holy grail for my hair. I have intolerance for coconut, so I avoid it to eat or put on skin.

    I love using hydrating mask with honey, some we have here in stores, first that on my dry hair, soak it, let it dry and then put olive oil and soak my hair from to bottom, the longer it stays, the better…I try at least 4-5 hours…but best result are 24-36 hours… If you do not go out…that does work, just have to wash it with shampoo 2-3x until it is all out, like regular wash..put mask over dump hair..wait for 1-2 hours…wash it down…and the most beautiful hair.

    But if you do have split ends, nothing helps, only cutting hair. This is more prevention. With this I can delay my split ends for….two yeas once..it was cool..then I bleached it, now I am on the process of waiting the last 10-15cm to grow up and be cut…still this method helps, I just added protein mask too.

  4. I still apply coconut oil to my hair every day. My hair is about 1.5 inches long and I apply 3-4 drops of coconut oil every day, comb it and I shampoo my hair twice a week. Works like a charm 🙂 every day is a good hair day

  5. Ask any Indian how to oil hair n shampoo to do it properly. Oil is removed by shampoo not by water. So even before wetting hair, dilute shampoo with water n shampoo ur hair directly on oiled hair n it removes most of oil. Then second time use little shampoo on hair which removes n cleanses scalp too. So it's 2 step repeat. Don't listen to one step method becax if ur scalp is not cleansed properly n oil exists it's prone to attract more dust n leads to dandruff n Wat not. No need for conditioner when hair is oil treated, u can use conditioner from next day. Oil coats n protects hair so apply light layer of oil before u get into chlorinated water so that u prevent damage. U r repairing damage but main focus is to prevent damage so apply as pre wash before u get into pool n u never need to worry.

  6. in my country we did not use that kind of oil..we use fresh pure coconut milk and cook it and when it already boiling and start becoming oil we keep it cool for a few minutes then we apply it to our hair…we use the white part that underneath the oil not the oil itself.

  7. I have high porosity hair. I used to use coconut oil on my hair only during my school days, after that I never applied any kind of oil on my hair. I only used to use conditioner, but recently I switched back to using cold pressed coconut oil on my hair. I don't use any conditioner anymore. My hair is 100 times smoother and frizz free.

  8. I have oily hair but I either use two eggs to wash my hair as it helps a LOT with too much oil build up in my scalp and it works for a entire week which I love. The smell I usually just get a hair scented spray and it lasts in my hair as well very well. It never smells too bad anyway. I also use coconut oil 1-2 a month too very good.

  9. My mother and grandma used to apply it on my head till it overflows when i was going to school. Now i think that one thing saved my hair from falling or facing any issues. India had so many things like this but even we don't know why we are doing this. We applied coconut oil in our heads because we lived in a hot country and to solve the hair drying issue.

  10. It's better if you apply coconut oil evenly for overnight…and wash it off with a soft shampoo and then follow up with conditioner…….and also if you apply it with homemade diy hair mask with egg and curd and custerd oil/olive oil….try it out you won't be disappointed I guess…. [Cz that's how I still kept my colour treated hair healthy…..(tho I only do brown color)😅 ]

  11. you have Beautiful natural hair💖😍
    I have frizzy dry hair😟
    But i recently bought Virgin coconut oil so i am gonna give It a try🤗
    Thank you for this very informative video☺️❤️

  12. Tip: you were supposed to apply shampoo and conditioner the very bottom of your back of your head and make your way up to your hair to rinse off the shampoo and conditioner. Not the top to bottom of the hair.

  13. I had to check the duration of the video midway watching coz I was amazed at how condensed and entertaining this video was. That’s when I liked the video. Then I kept watching and laughed at the random “coconut girl” joke and that’s when I subscribed! 🙂 thanks for the info and keeping the video condensed and effective.

  14. This video was very helpful, lots of useful information. But does anyone else feel like people are overproducing Youtube videos these days? They seem to put more effort into editing it than people put into actual movies… I don't need all that!

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