I Used PINK LOTION On My Natural Hair! Will It Moisturize My Hair?

Hey you guys! So a large number of you’ve got been recommending me to check out Pink Lotion on my hair, so in fact, I had to check out it. We all grew up on red lotion, jam, grease, and so forth. and again within the days, I used to have a love/hate courting with it. Watch me take a look at Original Lusters Pink Lotion on my herbal hair, and spot the way it labored!

Lusters Pink Lotion

Spray bottle

Tangle Teezer


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24 thoughts on “I Used PINK LOTION On My Natural Hair! Will It Moisturize My Hair?”

  1. I have the light pink lotion version and I can honestly say that my hair is gonna like this tomorrow when I wash my hair and do some flat twists tomorrow morning. I did like a trial and error test on one twist and I can honestly say that it didn’t dry my hair out, and it gave me great definition.🙌🏾

  2. I remember when my mama use pink hair lotion in my hair my hair was so long now she stopped using it in my hair my hair fell out but I'm going to start by using it cuz my hair was so long

  3. I used this back in the day but my hair was damaged from a relaxer. I cut it all off & re-grew it, so I wonder how it’d look on my hair now. I’m using old school products. B4 they was shea moisture, as I am, Cantu etc. I’m gonna use Care free curl activator too

  4. I’ve been natural all my life, and I used this on my hair growing up! My hair was always moisturized too! I ironically picked up some along with their glosser to try it again. I mostly use organic/natural products, but I wanted an alternative for when I do choose to use heat.

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