I’M STILL SHOCKED ! I used cloves on my hair everyday for 2 weeks and this happened

I’m stunned ! I used cloves water on my herbal (*2*) for 2 weeks and this happened ahead of and after effects
Cloves water for (*2*) expansion

Cloves go away in spray for 2 weeks with out washing out
Cloves for longer (*2*) expansion
Cloves (*2*) expansion remedies

Benefits of cloves to (*2*)

1. Promotes (*2*) expansion. Clove oil
comprises eugenol, which promotes (*2*)
expansion when carried out to the scalp…
2. Adds shine in your (*2*). Clove oil is a
herbal conditioner and is helping lock in moisture within the (*2*).
3. Treats dandruff.
4. Prevents untimely graying of (*2*).
5. Curbs (*2*) loss.
6. Cleans and soothes the scalp.


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