Is Olive Oil Healthy? | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A

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Should you eat olive oil? Are the confirmed well being advantages erased by the fats content material? Get the solutions from Dr. Neal Barnard when he joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room™ Live.

Dr. Barnard may even be answering questions despatched to The Doctor’s Mailbag:
– Is flaxseed oil and coconut oil wholesome?
– Do vegans with low white blood cell counts have a weakened immune system?
– Which meals are more than likely to trigger a migraine?
– What are the primary meals a brand new vegan can purchase?

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47 thoughts on “Is Olive Oil Healthy? | Dr. Neal Barnard Live Q&A”

  1. Thank you so much for the information. Lots to continue learning and correcting the way we did things and what we ate. I would love the schools to educate our children with this valuable life saving information. It would be a benefit to start when they are young. Our survival on food is important. Dying at young ages due to lack of knowledge. So many wild foods too that are extremely important on the grounds of our Earth with things God is giving us. We don't know if it's poisonous are very nutritious. They are finding out which plants we can eat and can survive if there is no electricity or an attack. We need to learn more

  2. My name San Panaseth “ every time I ate beets or drank made my hear beats so fast., particularly every time drink red color make my heart beats so fast . Please help me solve this problems, thank you.

  3. In that case an orange is not a natural product because you must separate the orange from the tree and then the peel from the fruit, that's a comparable amount of processing compared with EVOO that has been processed solely by mechanical means. As for saturated fat percentage that's only relevant in the context of your overall diet, bemoaning the fact that one particular food substance is above some perceived ideal is ridiculous. As for cholesterol EVOO lowers both ldl-c and triglycerides, as for flax seed that's well known to negatively affect men's testosterone levels.

  4. I heard dr Gundry saying eat as much as you can of olive oil ,my question is does not he contradict other doctors abut the olives oil ?like you dr Barnard ,Esselstyn and dr Gregor,please I want to hear an explanation,Thank you in advance .

  5. I thought rice is bad for you because it is starchy pastas is wheat not good for you kale is hybrid no olive oil nor coconut oil
    fruits and sweet potato is OK they have high starch and fructose sugar
    Why he didn't explain that ask several experts you get several different answers
    human on this planet won't be able to eat anything because they are all bad for you

  6. I wonder at some of dr Barnards recommendations . Corn? Grains? 84 years old. I Grew up on farm. Grains and beans (soy fields) grew waist to shoulder high. Driving thru farm country now I see fields of gmo plants growing no teller than my knees. Can these GMO plants do us no harm?

  7. Can't believe is Olive oil is "bad" for you because it is high in fat, in my opinion it is one of the healthiest oils on the planet. Losing weight has nothing to do with whether something is good for you or not, so please don't bring the weight loss goals into the argument. Also, high blood sugar and insulin resistance are the main causes of Type 2 diabetes where carbs can play a major factor, not necessarily related to animal or plant based fats in my opinion.

  8. my newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic husband was told to be careful eating fruits as they are full of grapes? for migraines i cannot eat Chocolate, cheese, cured meats, citrus and coffee

  9. Did something wrong with the way this guy presents himself. Olive oil actually suppresses appetite. It's about 75% of lake acid. Which encourages the enzyme that suppresses appetite in your body. The thing I like lease about people who go vegan or vegetarian. It's not that it's a good thing. But they come across as a religious devotion to it. They come across as they know it all, this is the only way to go. And I know these guys are against olive oil but I've done the research on olive oil and there are just too many benefits to pass up.

  10. Dr Barnard is a fast talking guy. And he has a right to his opinions.I agree with him on some things. But I also disagree with him on some good fats. Lots of fat Vegans walking around. They are not all lean muscular specimens. Moderation in fats and stay away from junk carbs. Have some good Olive Oil and Flax oil daily. Walk walk and walk. As for Cholesterol watch Dr Dayspring videos. Cholesterol tests are stupid. Get the NMR Test ! Its all about APO B. Learn about the NMR Test!!!! GraveYards are filled with people who had Low cholesterol. Also Dr Barnard, What part of China are you talking about? Obesity is rampant in China now. Wake up Doc !

  11. I 100% disagree that coconut oil is not good for you my grandparents and made it and use is as their only oil. They live into their 90's organic coconut oil is great for you

  12. In elmentary school I learned about fats, carbs and proteins. Ok. You said stay away from fats, and all kinds of oils. If you do that, where do You get your fats? Arent they esencial for proper nutrition?

  13. Animal fats isn't necessarily bad especially compared to veggie seed oils. But when only vegans are discussing of course it going in their favor. Lol
    Since the population stopped eat lard and switched to vegetable type oils are health has decreased big time 🤔

  14. I'm 83, and have been on this path for about 40 years. No one is perfect, so I've been through that time when I took back dairy, got sick, and fat, and had to make the decision to go back to 100% plant based. I lost my mom to colon cancer and decided that I'd never eat anything that didn't grow from the ground. Thank you, Dr. Barnard for all this information, and to you, Chuck, for hosting the interviews.

  15. listen to this moron at your own demise. He is clearly coming from the big pharma philosophy A PATIENT HEALED IS A CUSTOMER LOST Fats are essential, but they need to be organic. All vegan is not good, but at least make sure it's ORGANIC. See Dr Mandell's YTVs among others who don't suck off big pharmas teat

  16. Dr Bernard you need to do gentle neck exercises to strengthen your sternocleidomastoids, levator scapulae, trapezius, and your platysma. Your neck is too thin.


  18. Thank God for saving my life from Chlamydia after many years of being a Chlamydia patient with no solution. I thank Dr. Odion on YouTube for helping me with his herbal remedies to cure my chlamydia infections completely🙏.

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