Is olive oil safe at high heat? Does it taste bad?

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2018 Australian research exhibiting olive oil is essentially the most secure cooking oil:

2010 Portuguese research discovering olive oil is secure in deep-frying situations (not free):

Dr. Selina Wang, analysis director, UC Davis Olive Center:

2015 Serious Eats article about smoke factors:

Video of the UC Davis olive orchards:

2019 Spanish research exhibiting that cooking Food in olive oil makes the Food itself more healthy:

2002 Molto Mario episode wherein Mario Batali deep fries in olive oil:

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48 thoughts on “Is olive oil safe at high heat? Does it taste bad?”

  1. Hey all, Dr. Wang was kind enough to to respond to some common questions here in the comments, and she also wanted to offer one clarification of her statements in the vid. Everything that follows was written by her:

    As to why the smooth and buttery oil was cheaper, I want to add to the discussion about smooth and buttery oils: Some varieties of olives are naturally low in phenolic content, some olives are harvested late to achieve that profile and many consumers appreciate that flavor profile.

    Several people commented on the issues about re-using oil. Here are a couple good literature reviews:
    "Changes in PAHs levels in edible oils during deep-frying process”
    "Impact of consumption of repeatedly heated cooking oils on the incidence of various cancers- A critical review”

    Some people are interested in antioxidants in olive oil and how it helps against oxidation. Here are some references that showed virgin olive oil/olive oil has more stability than other oils in their studies.
    Frying oils with high natural or added antioxidants content, which protect against postprandial oxidative stress, also protect against DNA oxidation damage"
    "Monitoring of Quality and Stability Characteristics and Fatty Acid Compositions of Refined Olive and Seed Oils during Repeated Pan- and Deep-Frying Using GC, FT-NIRS, and Chemometrics"

  2. I prefer rapeseed oil — why doesn’t this appear in any of the charts you show?

    Edit: just found out it’s called canola oil — would be interested why it’s not just called after the plant it comes from

  3. I am pretty knowledgeable in nutrition, but I want to get your opinion on something.

    I just bought a home deep fryer and would like to know if refined coconut oil is a good choice to use?

    I do not want to use any of the “vegetable/seed/plant” oils, nor avocado or true olive oil because of their costs.

  4. I’m curious where sesame oil fits in this? I’d never previously heard any of the other oils mentioned in this video as recommended for high-heat cooking, but had always heard that sesame oil was better than other common oils for high heat. (If you’d asked me before this video, I would’ve said {sesame oil}>{all the other oils}>{olive oil}. IOW, olive oil is particularly fragile, sesame oil is particularly sturdy, and the rest don’t really differ in their heat tolerance.) apparently a lot of what I thought was wrong, but I didn’t hear you mention sesame oil, and the studies you flashed on screen didn’t include sesame oil that I could see.

  5. This was a real eye opener for me, thank you.I'm throwing out my canola oil and using my extra virgin olive oil most of the time unless I want the flavor from another oil like coconut or sesame. I'm glad to see that you are still making videos but these old ones are going into my feed and I appreciate them . I imagine I'll eventually get to the ones where you are making recipes and I look forward to those also.

  6. Yup, traditional Italians have been cooking and deep frying with EVOO for generations, it’s very healthy and fine! As do I. The smoke point isn’t even that much lower even if it did matter. Clarified butter/ghee is also an amazing cooking fat.

  7. Interesting video.
    As I guy who went from morbid obesity to normal range, I believe controlling calories is the key.
    If I were to fry or saute my vegetables and meat in the large amounts of oil you use I'd have to restrict my calories on fruit and vegetables, losing much micronutrients for comparable calories.
    I boil all my vegetables and save all the water to be used in grain or fruit protein smoothies, thus retaining all nutrients.
    That being said, when I use to fry food, I would season an iron pan, than a thin wipe or spray of olive or canola oil was sufficient and I'd get my fat intake from olives, nuts, avocados and salmon, unlike those who slather and fry their food with heart clogging coconut oil.
    All that aside, interesting video debunking the myth about smoke point.
    If in fact smoke point counts, would not avocado oil, which I believe has the highest smoke point, be the best oil for frying?

  8. I think the issue (at least in the US, where I live,) is that most things in grocery stores marketed as "olive oil" contain very little of that product. The ingredients can claim only olive oil, and still be mostly a cheaper oil that does break down, like canola.

  9. Then again, Australia has produced research that says fracking has absolutely no negative impact on the environment, so not sure we should trust them…

  10. Excellent video. I have been buying both EV olive oil and avocado oil because I supposedly needed avocado for high-heat cooking. Now that EVOO is fine, I’m sticking with it. Why buy even more expensive avocado when it’s not needed?

  11. How on earth do you make an entire video on this without talking about the difference between extra virgin and refined olive oil? Talking about them like they're identical in properties and tastes is completely wrong.

  12. a vpn can't know if my email is hacked or not, because most of the time people use other servers for email, not our own. i dont know how many people have their own private server at home for emails lol, we have google yahoo or whatever others, so it is a different service. just wanted to point that out.

  13. Here is from where comes this legend.
    In the old ages, Olive Oil was full of olive’s residues. So it smokes and « burns » when heated.
    Since then, filtration processes makes the Olive oil clean and suitable for heating.

    By the way, I highly appreciate your works.

  14. Canola, vegetable, and all seed oils can't be found on my property. They are too toxic for me. I won't even use them for machinery lubricant, I find WD 40 much less toxic. When I need an oil for cooking I'll always use either grass-finished tallow or lard. EVO is for drizzling even though it has a good rating for cooking, I'm just stuck on the tallow because of other great properties it has. You got to be really careful with the EVO though, there are more fake brands than real ones, and the fake ones are just as bad as the first mentioned oils!
    Anyway, here's another view on cooking oils from a global B+ YouTube Chanel. After watching this you will have a very clear view as to the good, bad, and ugly.

  15. My parents have a habit of using EVOO to cook and have been doing so for years. My dad would import gallons of it from Italy. I had never noticed in the years I lived with them that the food tasted bad. I knew that there was something off about what is commonly said about EVOO.

  16. I only use olive oil, lard, tallow and butter. Every other oil is crap for your body. Since cutting out (vegetable oils) which are actually nut oils my arthritis is gone.

  17. I usually use extra virgin olive oil for fresher and springer dishes like salads and steaks with vegetables and when I'm making heavier and more sweet dishes I use refined olive oil

  18. This is so back and forth. Literally just watched a doctors video stating do not cook with olive oil only use it raw. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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