Italy’s olive oil industry in crisis

(9 Nov 2023)
ITALY olive oil



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Fara Sabina, Lazio, Italy – 7 October 2023

1. Drone shot of Petrucci olive groves ++MUTE++
2. Olive groves near Fara Sabina
3. Workers on Petrucci farm collect olives with the use of mechanical “combs”
4. Close of olives at Petrucci olive farm falling onto nets
5. A worker rakes olives on a net
6. Workers at Petrucci olive farm arrange fallen olives for collection
7. Worker at Petrucci farm collects olives in crate
8. Worker at Petrucci farm empties crates of olives into back of tractor
9. Sabina Petrucci and her father Stefano discuss oil production at the Petrucci press
10. Drone shot of Sabina Petrucci as she inspects trees at family’s olive farm ++MUTE++
11. SOUNDBITE (English): Sabina Petrucci, olive oil producer:
“We are expecting a loss of production that will be around 80 to 90%. Many farmers will not harvest this year. The farmers who will harvest are expecting their costs to rise dramatically. We are facing increasing costs since the last year because of the war in Ukraine, because of the energy crisis, because of the drought of last year, so it will be, for the consumers, a really high price to face.”

Riano, Lazio, Italy, 1 November 2023

12. Consumers walk down an aisle at a supermarket with shelves stocked with olive oil.
13. Pan of extra virgin Olive Oil Bottles with high price tags at supermarket

Fara, Sabina, Lazio, Italy – 7 October 2023

14. Courtyard of Petrucci olive press
15. Worker manoeuvres olive container and pours olives into conveyor belt at Petrucci press
16. Olives falling onto conveyor belt
17. Olives sucked into machine

Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy – 29 October 2023

18. View of medieval town of Castelnuovo di Porto
19. Clients empty crates of olives
20. Various of clients waiting in courtyard for their olives to be pressed at Rossi press
21. Close of olives being washed at Rossi press
22. Emiliano Rossi opens tap to pour freshly pressed olive oil into a barrel
23. Client looks on as his oil is poured into barrel

Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy – 30 October 2023

24. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Ernesto Farinelli, client of Rossi olive press:
“So, this year was not a good one, too hot, but what is this, we have an olive harvest in the sun? Once upon a time we collected in the cold, we lit fires in the fields in order to harvest, now things have moved, I am not saying by much, but by nearly a month, a thermal jump really, and the olives feel that.”

Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy – 29 October 2023

25. Emiliano Rossi talks to his worker on a forklift truck at his press
26. A worker pours olives from a forklift truck at the Rossi press
27. SOUNDBITE: (Italian): Emiliano Rossi, owner of Rossi olive press:
“The farmer looks after his olives and his land from December to January, and when we talk about olives he harvests in October, on this time span, effort, time and money are invested. And it is demoralising to have invested time and spent money to arrive at harvest time without any fruit to harvest. So that demotivates people and the youngsters from continuing in this profession.”

Mompeo, Lazio, Italy – 27 October 2023

28. American expatriate Nicholas Crawford walking through his olive grove in the Sabine hills
29. SOUNDBITE: (English): Nicholas Crawford, American expatriate:

30. Matteo Cocchi (R) and Ettore Furia walk past Furia’s olive grove into the warehouse.


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