Jennifer Lopez Says It's OLIVE OIL, No longer BOTOX & Then Launches Skin care Line….

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Jennifer Lopez Says It is olive oil, No longer BOTOX & Then Launches Skin care Line…. Preliminary ideas and pre-review of the brand new Jlo Attractiveness merchandise, skin care remedies, and olive oil scenario. What do you suppose?
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47 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Says It's OLIVE OIL, No longer BOTOX & Then Launches Skin care Line….”

  1. …. What do you think of all this skincare stuff?
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  2. I make a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, carrot oil, and annatto seeds, all cooked in bain marie for the best tanning results.
    Am I causing harm to my skin by doing this? Let me know plz! 🙏

  3. Hi Cassandra,
    1.This reminds me of Cindy Crawford and Jean Louis Sebagh infomercials about this cream with this melon extract from a special melon he supervises the growth of, apparently and apparently this is the reason for Cindy looking great 😀
    2. Olive oil, the extra virgin, food grade kind, is beneficial as part of our diets and quite a few Mediterranean women in the past used it as Skincare, however, it is not a magic wand, lol

  4. Jennifer Lopez working in an industry where you have to stay young and beautiful to stay revelant cause there is younger women getting thr role,even the men doing plastic surgery. Now she wants us to believe she has NEVER had botox or surgery? OK THEN! I guess all her cellulite and lines just magically disappeared. Hollywood is the FAKEST Place on earth everyone there looks the same. Am sure not buying the LIE she is selling 🙄

  5. I agree with what you're saying. The only part that I think you got wrong is where you say people don't ask her about her skin care routine. I've heard a lot of reporters asking her.

  6. As soon as I noticed I had wrinkles, I put virgin olive oil under my eyes before sleeping for a straight two years. There was actually progress; I got no wrinkle at my 30th. But now, I stopped it because the oil could be stuck on my contact lenses , and it feels unpleasant.

  7. Jennifer Lopez isn't old and she's not even in her 60's , but Ik many ppls at her age started to get these types of problems,but yea it's sure ig that Jennifer Lopez has tighten her skin it's sure,I mean how come a person's face is so tighten???…. Ok many ppls have it…

  8. Jennifer Lopez get something called a silver facial but on her entire body and that helps give her that so called Jlo glow. When she was a dancer on In living color. She looked pale as a vampire in need of blood with a bigger nose. Lol

  9. Olive oil in your face as in "free seborrheic dermatitis"???
    Or as in "favorite Malassezia fav food ever"

    No thanks, usually I like to give the benefit of the doubt to ppl but I stopped trying to listen JLO after she dropped that line…

  10. As a women of color, I’m a year younger than JLo and I have zero wrinkles. I’m not a celebrity and I’m def not getting surgery or Botox. Sometimes it’s just genetic. Even though my face isn’t showing signs, my hands do. My point is, Just because your face doesn’t show signs of aging, and the rest of your body is, doesn’t mean you had something done. I totally disagree with you,

  11. you don't know what she dose your the worst hater ever! all ur videos are of you bashing people left and right on what u think is the the truth. maybe she really has good genes and maybe she really took care of her skin that long and that well. her whole body is beautiful and she works day in a day out eating healthy drinking water and exercising. not everyone is out to just make tons of money!

  12. I disagree. JLo is Hispanic and Hispanic people do age well generally. So I don’t think she’s done Botox and yeah I don’t agree with Botox cuz it’s fake and unnatural aging. I mean disagreeing with olive oil on your face is one thing but claiming that she’s done Botox if she didn’t. I think you’re being hard on her.

  13. Have no idea on JLO products but I am form an olive oil country what I can say is there are so many different types of olive oil. If you can get a "high polyphenol" olive oil it is really antioxidant and very very light textured so do not judge olive oil right away! Just do not put acidic, heat treated or oxidized olive oil on your skin or even on your salad!

  14. You’re coming off as a frustrated JLo hater. Common sense is that we should all assume she has had work done. I would have rather you go in depth on the skin care products themselves and prove the lack of credit they should hold to her “perfect” complexion. I’ll keep watching your channel but this was not helpful to me.

  15. Olive oil, huh? Lol yeah right.
    I've heard more than once that JLo has been using La Mer cream on her entire body for years and years and years. A 16.5 ounce jar of La Mer is about $2,545. If you're using a cream all over your body, daily, better believe you'll be going through quite a few jars. She's definitely not fooling anyone claiming her secret is olive oil

  16. I think it definitely depends on genetics, ethnicity, and ofc, skin type. Olive oil is a staple skin care ingredient in the Mediterranean… especially among Italians. I have some family there & they look amazing for their age. Not as amazing as J Lo, so I concur with the broad assessment here, but still wouldn’t discount the benefits of EVOO for (certain) skin types.

  17. I would love to see that fierce and quite bitter attitude against the real problems in the world not to someone who problably doesnt even know you exist and is stablished like she is already…roasting the whole video and then giving the compliment by the end too…yeah right…

  18. I don’t buy Jlo products, I didn’t even know she’s getting into the cosmetics business, but it’s true that olive oil is very good for your skin, my grandma is a live proof of it, she’s almost in her 80s and that’s all she’s used, pure olive oil that you buy at the grocery store and sunscreen and even though genetics play a part, her parents didn’t really have her skin. So yes, just buy olive oil hehe

  19. I live in a Mediterranean country. There are olive trees everywhere and olive oil is as common as water. Or almost. People have been using it for centuries to moisturize the skin and hair. Still they grow old and grey. It helps with wrinkles in a way but it doesn't keep the skin from sagging. That's biology and time. Nobody escapes them. Look at JLo's face. It's tight as a drum skin. Natural? Oh, yeah! Definitely! Not!

  20. It's like the Kardashians saying their butt is "real" and they don't have implants. It's true. They got Brazilian butt lifts and had their own fat injected in their butts. So yes…its "real" because it's your fat in your butt. Smh

  21. So, I am so upset. Today I received a whole large size kit after I ordered a small size kit. I apparently signed up for a subscription and didn't know, costing over $300 for the kit (but you will only see a third of the charge on your bill, cause there are 3 payment installations, so confusing and seemingly sneaky). This leaves a (so to say) bad taste in my mouth JLo. Shame. Now I have to take the time to return something I didn't even want and guess what, pay a return fee. Something isn't right here. I feel she isn't following God.

  22. It COULD be true. I suffer from vitiligo since high school and I use olive oil to repair any sun damage to my face. I'm a 35 year old man and people tell me I look like I just graduated. Last month I almost got thrown out of a casino because security thought I looked too young. Then again its worth mentioning that I NEVER drink or smoke and avoid the sun whenever possible.

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