Joel Osteen – Blessed By Your Enemies

Are you facing something that seems unfair? Is there opposition that you’ve been praying would lift but it’s still there? Let this message remind you of the sovereignty of God in your life. What you think is a disappointment—that person that left you, that coworker that’s trying to make you look bad, that friend that betrayed you—can teach you to trust God and His plan through every unfair and unjust thing in your life. Take a closer look at the scripture and see how God uses our enemies and affliction to make His glory known and bring about His plan in our lives. You’ll be inspired to trust God no matter what you face!

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44 thoughts on “Joel Osteen – Blessed By Your Enemies

  1. @markf.r4538 says:

    I like how Joel speaks professionally non-stop , even though I am Muslim ☪️ and I believe in the unity of God which means there is no God Except One God "Allah"

    I believe in all prophets as messengers, not as gods or sons of God .

    I like the way Joel speaks .. I listen to him all the time I take what's good and whats reasonable and I leave what's doubtful and not true or contradicts with my belief

  2. @marianbarchilon815 says:

    God makes us stepping stones to take us higher. Never be intimated by our enemies. The greatest force in the Universe is on our side. The more the opposition the more we increase. Confidence, courage, promotion. Pressure, endure, persevere. The enemy promoted us and works in our favor. The fullness of our destiny.

  3. @christinadacosta4949 says:

    Thank you for allowing me all the good things that you taught me your ministry our Pope are bishop or cardinal and thank you to all the Ministries who believed in me and all their people and who believed in the prince and that there would be a princess one day that would take his place. ❤😂🇨🇦🇺🇲🙏💋💝🍓🍓🍓🫐🍒🍉🍇🍎🍏🥕🥔🍐🍋🍍🥭🥝🍄

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