John Baker – Professional Dowser

Currently on the books of borehole companies I endeavor to look for underground water and if found, should be able to give some idea of depth, flow rate and potability.

Can also search for ‘lost’ wells, mine shafts, pipes etc.
Sometimes asked to find leaks in pipes when not found by normal investigative methods.This means the search is not easy and may get one in three right. Still worth the risk as the next step is usually digging up lots of ground or pulling walls to pieces..

It must be stated that no one can be right every time. It is your risk.
Have worked for Local Authorities, The Forestry Commission, private land owners and given instruction to employees of the National Trust in various parts of the country.

Despite modern plumbing and access to water via a tap, it is surprising how useful a well can be if you have one. Finding and bringing one back into use is often an interesting and useful addition to big gardens where you can at least water plants and wash down cars.etc. It is often an interesting execise to find out what was dropped down them in the past, either by accident or on purpose.

A word of warning. Most wells were never filled in, just the top few feet capped.With the passage of time, this ‘cap’ is starting to deteriorate and can lead to sudden dips appearing in a garden. If you think you may have a well, the best thing to do is get it checked out.

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28 thoughts on “John Baker – Professional Dowser

  1. mnpd3 says:

    I fooled around with dowsing forks and rods years ago. Down here in the South we called it "water witching." One thing that puzzled me was the unnatural way the sticks are held by the dowser, or why with rods the thumbs are placed on the back of the horizontal section. I found that the reverse stick grip and the thumbed rods allow the tool to be manually manipulated without apparent movement. The sticks do give the trick away because the tip can only be downward manipulated only so far. At that point, the hands are visibly twisting the stick downward. But by then, observers are only looking at the stick tip dropping and the hands are not noticed. But… when the tip begins to drop, stay focused on the hands instead… you'll see the trick in action. Also, when using the sticks, keeping outward tension on the fork allows for manipulation of the tool using almost imperceptible force. Ask any "dowser" to perform the search while holding the tool with only his or her thumb and forefinger. They won't "find" any water because they can't manipulate the thing without obvious wrist movement. This guy isn't very tricky… he uses his forefinger to close the rods and thumbs to open it as he looks down to know when to manipulate things. Strap a blindfold on him and see if he can repeat his "discovery" Also, start at 1:36 where he says the rods are to open, and watch his visible right thumb push the rod open. Get him to explain why his thumb moves behind the rod precisely when the rod moves. He carries the rods pinched between his thumb and forefinger just for the purpose of opening and closing. When the rods/stick begins to move is when you need to be instead focused on his hands and fingers. The preliminary "coming up" of the stick tip is a standard magician's way of redirecting the audience's attention… don't fall for it; when you hear that, immediately watch the hands. In the case of the stick, his peculiar "counter-intuitive" way of holding allows his fingers to manipulate the stick, yet he still needs abrupt wrist movement to snap the stick downward… that's why he needs to distract where you are looking.

  2. Random-Azz-Shorts says:

    We had one come out to a job site. My colleague beilive in this and I said less test it. Unfortunately results were no better than a psychic. The "dowser" was 300' off the mark. We hired a hyrogeogists to determine the best well location for a property. If we had gone with the dowser location we would have had to drilled an extra 250'. My colleague never recommended using a dowser again..

  3. Michael Fercik says:

    The physics involved in dowsing has been reverse engineered with being explained in the book, The Art of Dowsing – Separating Science from Superstition ($14.95), along with how to build the modern light weight ball bearing dowsing rod, which is the only dowsing rod that accurately gauges what is being dowsed by pitting the energy of gravity against the energizing of the one-tenth ounce dowsing rod load that is attached on the elevated acetylene welding rod, with being located five-inches from the hub's shaft. This precisely gauges the dowsing of all edges, exact center, depth buried with angle of deposition, and most important is grading of the sought element that is contained in the elemental mass that is being dowsed. Anyone can become a professional dowser by practicing the book's dowsing lessons of buried pipelines and electrical cables, tunnels and voids, precious metal placer and lode deposits, dowsing for treasure, dowsing for any element, amplified long distance dowsing from a moving vehicles, and dowsing on water from a boat. I hope dowsing enriches your life and have a safe, healthy, good day.

  4. Bryan Turner says:

    While I dont understand how it works I have had very good results. However at around the 1:30 min mark, if you watch your hands they are rotating. When the wire moves in your hand rotates in. Ive found lots of pipes and 3 wells doing this. This was a poor way to try an introduce folks to dousing.

  5. John Smith says:

    It is sad how superstitions don't die. When tested with things like 10 buckets hiding one water bottle dowsers have always failed to do better than chance. The center for Inquiry has a $500,000 prize for proof of paranormal ability. They also did a video about how they would test a self proclaimed dowser. As there is no magnetism from water or copper pipes and no forces between water or copper and sticks dowsing is a paranormal claim. It proves nothing to find something as this man has when the thing is in plain sight. It also proves nothing if in an area with water 20 or 200 feet down water is found in the spot the dowser picked.

  6. Robert I says:

    While walking drink and enjoy a bottle of beer. When the bottle of beer is empty stop walking close your eyes and throw the empty bottle as far as you can in any direction, thus where the bottle lands water lies beneath. If the bottle breaks no water is to be found.

  7. Bobby Rea says:

    I noticed the sceptics always had something to say. Not saying some of these dowsers aren't shams but know for a fact that dowsing done right works. I used a branch from a bitter bark tree and it almost twisted the hide out om hand.

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