Let's Try Shark Tank Season 13 Food and Drinks!

Today I’m joined by means of my son Brandon to style take a look at lots of the Food and drink pieces featured on Shark Tank in Season 13.

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0:00 Introduction
0:41 Uprising Food Prebiotic Bread
3:09 Proper Good 90 Second Meals
5:36 Oat Haus Granola Butter
7:59 IncrEdible Eats Edible Utensils
11:58 Deux Edible Cookie Dough
14:33 Zach & Zoe Honey
16:04 Must Love Non-Dairy Dessert
18:41 Pinole Blue Superfoods
21:07 Magic Dates Snack Bites
22:59 The Dirty Cookie
25:58 Pulp Pantry Veggie Chips
28:06 Pricklee Cactus Water
30:20 Transformation Factory Sea Moss Gel
33:06 Our Picks & Conclusion

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35 thoughts on “Let's Try Shark Tank Season 13 Food and Drinks!”

  1. I feel like the edible spoon is going at the individual waste plastics in the wrong way. If I’m on the go and don’t necessarily have access to wash my hands, I don’t want to be eating something I’ve handled with my dirty hands, so those would really only be useful at home, where it doesn’t make much sense to use over washable utensils. Just use a biodegradable utensil.

  2. I didn't even taste these but I can certainly rate them. Ridiculous. Useless. Unneeded. Elitist. Outrageously priced. Totally out of reach of 90% of consumers. And I have the ultimate in eco-friendly spoons. A stainless steel set I have been using daily for 25 years! Paid $20 for the set of 12! If these creators were truly interested in the health of the general population, they would create something affordable. The world needs healthy affordable foods for everyone, not just the rich.

  3. Bro I’m literally crying at 2:46 when he made that noise and then James just edited his response out completely the face james made when he made that noise was priceless! Man idk why I found that so funny but it was so funny.

  4. You say that stuff is suppose to be like peanut butter but check out biscoff cookie butter, I’m willing to bet that oatmeal spread is trying to be like an oatmeal cookie butter sans raisins

  5. The last one is just dumb just because you can do something with it doesn't mean you should an that there's not a better product I bet it's a horrible face mask but some people put mayonnaise in their hair they better start putting that on the bottle

  6. It's good that more products have all-encompassing allergen avoiance. Like it might look funny when something is "gluten fre nut free soy free dairy free" but I know people in real life, who have multiple allergies and there's very few things they can eat because something might be gluten free, but not nut free or dairy free. Or something is gluten, nut and dairy free, but it has soy in it and they're allergic to that too. I have a friend who is allergic to almost everything, nuts, dairy, mustard, bananas, and a bunch of other things I can't even remember, I always have to ask them again what their allergies are so I won't accidentally bring the wrong foods around them. I went to a B day party once with a girl who was both allergic to nuts and gluten, and she had to ask three times to make sure they don't use any peanut sauce, until the chef showed her they only use sesame sauce, and she couldn't eat gluten so they cooked her rice on a different grill so it wasn't on the same grill with the noodles we were eating. It's really inaccessible to eat most normal things unless they make it themselves at home. It's also kinda messed up that they make these products so expensive though, because to the manufacturer, this is a fad to make profit on, they don't actually care about helping people. So it's good that these products come out, but the pricing says everything about the brand's real motivations.

  7. eh.. anytyme a company is advertising as "non-gmo" I become pretty uninterested because they are just preying on people's misunderstandings of what "gmo" is and it is just dishonest and it turns me off their products immediately. I suggest you two look up what "gmo" actually means and what it is in practice.

  8. I am excited to try the oat butter – ordered the vanilla one on amazon. I have long covid and have tried all butters and can’t eat any. (My taste and smell is altered making eating hard – everything tastes and smells like rotten flesh/gasoline) So I am willing try the butter. I WANT A PB&J!

  9. I love the Pulp Chips idea! I’d be chowing on those and fighting my son for them. And I actually really like the edible spoons idea. If Brandon is correct and the packaging is compostable, even better. I would absolutely eat my takeout or food court food with those. I think I saw a story on a version of those on a news magazine program. The inventor was in India and he was trying to drastically reduce the use of throwaway plastic cutlery.

    As for the other things, I’d probably try most of them except for that sea moss stuff and the bread. I don’t have the allergy issues, so I’ll just bake my own.

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