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Hi everybody! I’m making scorching procedure cleaning soap! This is one thing that I simplest do every now and then and don’t declare to be a grasp of it. Every once in a while, I recognize creating a batch of cleaning soap this is able a bit bit quicker. I formulate my soaps to be a little bit gentler so the bubbles may not be ‘prime coconut intense’ however they’ll really feel nice to make use of!

Edited so as to add:
~ I did misspeak in regards to the cleaning soap being absolutely cured. I intended absolutely saponified. The cleaning soap nonetheless wishes time to ‘relaxation’ as I name it and evaporate extra water. This hyperlink was once shared with me and I discovered it to be very detailed. While the cleaning soap is secure to make use of, I do favor no less than two weeks for HP cleaning soap to remedy. I additionally know (and would possibly or won’t have relayed the idea smartly sufficient) that the cleaning soap at two weeks is not going to be the rest like it is going to be at 4-8 weeks or extra. It will unquestionably give a boost to.
~Also, any person commented that until the cleaning soap is 100% translucent that the lye isn’t utterly inactive. That is why it’s in most cases ok so as to add yogurt on the finish of the cook dinner.
~Another excellent learn:


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(This staff isn’t a common soapmaking/wax making/craft staff. This staff is just for the happenings of MO River Soap.)



2.5:1 Water to Lye Ratio
6% Super Fat

40% olive oil
20% Coconut Oil
10% Palm Oil
10% Rice Bran Oil
10% Castor Oil
10% Cocoa Butter

Organic Cane Sugar ( I used 1 TBSP for a 60 ounces batch)
1 tsp ppo Sodium Lactate
3% (of oil weight) Essential Oil Blend

Modern Soapmaking Hot Process Tutorial:

Lovin’ Soap Hot Process Tutorial:

Essential Oil Calculator:

**Beginner Soapmakers LOOK HERE**

If you’ve gotten by no means made cleaning soap prior to, it can be crucial that you just analysis and arm your self with wisdom prior to you ever try making cleaning soap. Here is a finding out sequence that we suggest you watch to start out your adventure:

Look for soapmaking books by way of Anne-Marie Faiola, the landlord of Bramble Berry. Read up on

**Cautions & Disclaimers**

Soapmaking calls for the usage of a caustic subject material known as Sodium Hydroxide. This should be revered and treated with care. It is your accountability to investigate, know, and cling to all protection measures for making chilly procedure cleaning soap. Please be aware that whilst any soapmaker can use the similar fabrics to create the similar cleaning soap, every soapmaker has a personalized effect and talent base that can reason numerous effects. Always recheck a recipe the use of a soapmaking lye calculator. Never simply consider a recipe, a video, or an educational with out doing a little analysis to understand that the entirety is proper. While all of us can do our very best to proportion with you and supply tutorials, you’re accountable for you, your fabrics, and your movements.

Missouri River Soap LLC isn’t accountable for accidents, injuries, or efficiency because of sharing this recipe and demonstrating this procedure.


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25 thoughts on “Making Hot Process Soap with Recipe | MO River Soap”

  1. 1 more quick question, have you found an oil or butter that cleans as good as coconut oil? Coconut oil dries out my skin and makes me itchy. I've tried to balance it out with Shae butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, Sweet almond butter, Mango butter…any ideas would be welcome and extremely helpful. Thank you! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  2. Thanks for sharing Holly. I have never seen hot process soap before other than melt and pour. I'm still learning so I haven't made soap yet. Other than cure time is there a benefit to one over the other on hot vs. cold process soap making? I'm sorry people are unkind sometimes, I never understand that. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Holy thanks!
    My BF is portuguese & like HP soap but I only know of CP😅 One question..Which palm oil u buy on that website? There's kernel, fruit & others. I always thought they were all the same😅 Thanks again! I ❤ your videos!

  4. Which of these two soaps: HOT or COLD, does the customer like more? Who has the greater advantage? Which of the two gives us more value for the final product?

  5. I love that you break everything down. I love watching you . For not being a teacher you make it very easy to follow. Thanks for helping in my journey to making soap.

  6. I’ve seen mean comments on other channels, there’s always those that feel they are better than! Nothing wrong with your vid’s, I love everything about them, I’m happy to watch your wonderful craft and have been inspired to do it myself! Thank you!!!!

  7. The mean comments thing breaks my heart! I will probably never make soap but I watch you, royalty soap, and the vintage brambleberry videos to help with my anxiety. You seem like such a sweetheart and you’re damn good at making soap! Keep on going, I love your content! Can’t wait until the website gets restocked!

  8. yogurt adds not only more fluidity but with the lactic acid it gives your skin nutrition and hydration plus I think it's supposed to also lower the pH. Not positive about it but I think I've read it somewhere. I've made HP a couple times, haven't added yogurt yet but I plan to. I do love the idea that I can add oil that I want to be the super fat and it remains unsaponified. Moringa oil will be my next one, hemp was my last one. Thanks for the video! Beautiful soap!

  9. I love your videos and I agree with you. Everybody should be nice. There's nothing wrong with giving opinions but there's no reason to be negative. Please continue to do the hot process videos. I love watching it and I'm actually really interested in learning the best way to do it. Again, thank you for all your videos, You're awesome! 😊

  10. I love it! It is not for me I will stick to cold process,
    I learned a lot. And I'm with you on the gross part of "foody" at the end of a soap……….I'm watching the 2 years later and I have no idea why someone would watch a video and cut you down?? Your sharing what you do and works for you.

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