Making The Energy Crisis Worse

Dr. John Robson feedback on key pieces from the most recent Climate Discussion Nexus weekly “Wednesday Wakeup” publication ( from politicians from California to Canada to Germany making the power disaster worse to Diocletian to U.S. craft breweries not able to get the CO2 we are supposedly being smothered through to attribution pseudo-studies to YouTube slapping a UN caution on our videos (no longer precisely refined, is it?) to how “Everybody knows” local weather trade is devastating Canadian agriculture… with the exception of the folk paying top class costs for our farmland, the rain in Germany fluctuating because it at all times has and the blistering European warmth wave of… 1540.
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22 thoughts on “Making The Energy Crisis Worse”

  1. 4:35 There's something strange about craft breweries not being able to carbonate their beer naturally with the carbon dioxide produced by the fermentation of malt by yeast. CDN has shown us a good example of fake news.

  2. Conspirators beneft greatly from the "behavioural psychologists'" (aka unscrupulous manipulators in paid service to, well, globalist anti-democratic conspirators) campaign to paint recognition of what the World Economic Forum is up to as a mad delusion. Imagine a gang of bankrobbers holding up the bank at gunpoint: "This, a stick up???! Ha ha ha, how silly! But just put all the money in the sack anyway Because then YOU WILL OWN NOTHING – AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY! (Or else!….) So just shut up punks. Just learn how to freeze and starve and be happy. And pray to the Holy St Greta for your next survival handout"

  3. Germany voted for their own demise because the people put the GREENs and the Environmentalist terrorists in power, now the masses will pay
    for that mistake, specially during the winter, not that Donald Trump hasn't warned Angela Merkel about that huge mistake…!!! On the other side,
    Canada may soon BOOT the fascist Turdeau from government (unless people like fascists in power) and open the country to some real economic
    leap on sales to Europe, just like the Americans are doing…!!! Idiots like Turdeau always feel that it's the rest of the world that are the idiots, and
    just like cats or Gorillas, they don't recognize themselves in a mirror…!!

  4. Before too much longer, someone assuming the stance of a Hercules is going to come along and say "I'm here to clean out the Augean stables." And many will cheer. And many will back him. And if it's a her, many will back her. And I will be one of them.
    Hose it all out, Hercules! Hose it all, hose them all tf out!

  5. Whelp. It's a shame nuclear reactors take so long to build. I for one will cherish the news of rolling energy blackouts during the cold cold European winter. Maybe some common sense will be instilled. Nah.

  6. There was an electrical engineer that figured out….. just to power all trucks and cars …
    You would need to construct 1 nuclear power plant a Week…. Every week …. Just to power them..!!!!! … and then after about 30 years…
    the old nuclear plants would need replacing
    So…. you need to build 2 a week ….
    Green power is a myth..!!!!!

  7. I don't have the time to read all the comments here,(Dr. John Robson, you have a fabulous and entertaining way of pointing out the obvious), but I haven't seen anyone point out this obvious. Fossil fuels are taxed more than just about anything else. In the province of Ontario, taxes account for 50%, give or take, of the retail price of a litre of fuel. Electricity is subsidized, and again in my province, that subsidy is more that the subsidy for long term care. In this day and age when sustainability is the big buzz word, how does that compute?? Does our government really want to decrease revenue and increase expenses??

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