Marvel Mystery Oil. Is It Safe To Use In Modern Cars?

I’ve been the usage of MMO since 1987, I’m now not getting paid to mention anything else great about it, I’m only a man who is actually lived the final 30+ years operating on vehicles and I’ve discovered this reasonably priced chemical to be a existence saver. About 3 years in the past I made a video on it and it nonetheless will get perspectives, and feedback. Some other folks are fearful that Marvel may injury a contemporary automotive’s Catalytic converter, or different parts. It wont. It’s secure to make use of within the gas and oil of any fashionable or antique auto, and I’d extremely suggest you give it a take a look at!

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38 thoughts on “Marvel Mystery Oil. Is It Safe To Use In Modern Cars?”

  1. I use it in every oil change. Plus in my lawn mower, and once in my service van, I have used your mixture of marvel mystery oil, carburetor fuel injector cleaner, and Stabil quite a bit.

  2. I've used MMO for 43 yrs I've never had a fuel system problem or sensor or cat problem, it will quiet down a noisy fuel pump. It's a great product!

  3. I am only worried about it being used in GDI engines because of the much higher PSI in the modern injectors. I would hope it still helps enough to not cause an issue but it appears to be more viscous than gasoline. Diluted in the tank it is probably not a concern but I still worry.

  4. I use MMO in my my charger with the police type bump and wash push bar. Bump then wash. My charger is nick named the Karen invader. MMO is used to wash debri off my push bar. Off label uses are many. Lol

  5. Im sorry I clicked on any MMO videos…no one has the same answers…I tried K&N filters but found issue ( online ) with oil soaked filters and how they might effect any sensor along the path of the intake…including the cats and O2's…

  6. I used this in my diesel ford connect, when I bought it it sounded like a rough clattery diesel engine not quiet . I put it in my oil and my fuel system and my turbo whistles like a banshee picks up low down, although blocking off the egr helps .my emissions are ultra low, I did have a economy map done to… More power less fuel, less emissions.

  7. I use it in every tank of now golden gasoline. I use a quart in the 8 quart sump nearly every oil change. My engine calls for 0-20 weight, so I use 5/30 and marvel. It’s a good slow engine cleaner. 232k on my 14 Silverado, all hauling 4-5k lbs. it’s a great product.

  8. I recently put 4oz in fuel and about 8oz in a ticking 5.3 vortec with 103k miles. Within 200 miles the ticking has gone away and a smooth running/sounding engine has returned!

  9. I happened to buy a vehicle that was ran over oil changes oil was dark brown after a new oil change and used marvel mystery in oil ran vehicle 2000 miles got oil change now on the dipstick reads all clean

  10. 2-4 ounces in your crank case is NOT the ratio suggested to use so really your whole conversation and argument is null and void regarding the application in your engine oil. MMO suggests 20% or roughly 32 oz in most vehicles’ crankcase.

  11. I just bought a 04 Silverado and the engine was really dirty from the previous owners. Would i be ok to put a bit in it without clogging out the oil pump or the pick up tube mesh? TIA

  12. Then Marvel came out with the Ultimate Fuel System Cleaner and I started wondering what is the difference between that and the regular…

  13. Is this alright for say a 2019 honda rebel 500? I bought the bike with 343 miles on it, but it basically just sat in their garage for 2 years… so I was thinking maybe put some of this in the tank before driving it.

  14. Marvel Mystery oil was the Sea foam like craze/fad of my youth. If you use Top tier gas like Chevron there's no need to use any aftermarket gas cleaning additives. Not knocking or disproving your video or the product by the way. . I'm just saying.

  15. This my first time that i have found your platform. I thank you for confirming my own thoughts on using it as preventive maintenance. In my case. I started using just a few drops of Marvel Mystery oil thru the dipstick while i had the engine running. Or ounces like you recommended. To maintain not only the top of the cylinders. To unclog the pistón rings. Free up the valves. Also to lubricate the fuel pump in the fuel system. Thank you 👍👍.

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