Millions reported problems with dental implants

Arizona’s Family Investigates regarded into the expensive process of having dental implants and why tens of millions of reported problems went disregarded.

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48 thoughts on “Millions reported problems with dental implants”

  1. My dad has periodontal disease and wanted to pull the rest of his teeth and get dentures to save money.
    However we talked him into implants thinking it would be more comfortable long term since he's only in his 50s. He's doing it this week. This makes me slightly worried. Hopefully nothing like this happens to him. 😬

  2. It's always about money, the dental implants ain't cheap, and here in the UK dentists are paid by the work they get done rather than the hour so why would they give up their biggest earners? We just have to go for dentures instead, I'm not putting no metal in my gums later in life, it should be obvious putting metal into gums is bad, it's not same environment as other places in the body but they also get infections so yeah, we need a new material other than metal that will work, might be a stupid question but why aren't we making bone screws instead? Surely this would better or am I oversimplifying this?

  3. You always need to do your research on your dentist. Especially if you’re going for implants. I’ve had mine done for 6 years and have had zero problems but I researched for 3 years before choosing my dentist.

  4. There are a few things that should be taken into account here. Firstly, people have 32 teeth, meaning that many implants can be placed in one person's mouth, which leads to more complaints than in case of other medical devices that are places as a single unit. Also, implants do fail, this is the reason why dentists only give you 10-15 years of warranty. People should also consider the alternative, which is having no fixed teeth or having to file down (damage) other healthy neighbouring teeth, in order to get a bridge (if at all possible). This lady does not have an allergy to her implants, no medical professional in the video claims that she does (if she did, the implants would have never integrated in her bone). The type of denture she has is by nature removable and they come with copings that have to be changed every once in a while to make sure they are not lose (as in her case). Lastly, I can not know what her initial condition was, but usually if a dentist recommends you to have that many teeth extracted, it means that she had severe periodontal disease, which would cause her teeth to eventually move and fall out on their own, but waiting until that happens comes with a lot of pain and bone loss, meaning she might not even have had the option to have implants, if she had waited for a few more years. I really don't think people would like to go back to the 50's, when implants did not yet exist and people like the lady in this video would have been walking around with a set of removable dentures. If you think she has a reason to be upset now, you should see how unhappy she would be with old-school dentures.

  5. Dental implants make doctors rich. Of course they'll tell you it's safe. All will get bent out of shape if a patient refuses dental implant. It's all about profit care not dental or healthcare. 50 years from now they will call implants barbaric dentistry.

  6. I have had so many issues from mine. My lymph nodes keep getting inflamed off/on. My gums swollen off/on. Sore throat off/on. TMJ off/on. Facial pain off/on. Tooth pain off/on. I’ve had a mysterious inflammation lump removed from my submandibular gland. Came back inflammation. I found out my dental implant is in fact infected.

  7. Those dumb comments made by some US Americans claiming we have rotten teeth, which was a false believe as we have far more healthier teeth than those in the US, will now die away forever.

  8. Have one dental implant – a molar which took a year to finish from removal of the original tooth that was a fail root canal. That was 10 years ago and no problem whatsoever. I'm sure there are some horror stories that can be found but when you're interviewing a dermatologist, that's not credible. One word comes to mind – FUD.

  9. I hope someone sees this and helps Ginger – she needs it clearly. No one should suffer like this.
    I'm surprised she's still living, daily pain and Ill health with no way out, and after having spent so much already, it's enough to make anyone question the point of carrying on. She must have hope, I sincerely pray that pays off for her.

  10. Just wandering where those millons, and if she had that bad problematic it should be removed immediately and just it, and investigate what type of implants dentist company install, today a million variety of implants.

  11. Something here is abit off… If any dentist advised a person with One bad tooth alone to remove Every Other tooth in their mouth, you Have to be suspicious! WTF? thats insane and I'd hope most people would walk out from that dentist Never to return! To let such a person even touch ur mouth after hearing such insane advice is to invite trouble… that said, I feel for this poor soul and wish things had gone differently..To everyone else, Dont be gullible and seek multiple opinions as far as what course of action to take…My gf is going thru hell with a horribly done all on 4 hybrid denture, the kind that was permanantly attached… she began to have bad pain at the 3yr mark and the dentist she went to originally did a bad install and never corrected his work… she was on her own…so 3yrs later we sought out Somone to remove the denture for cleaning and treating the infection.. thats when we realised that most dentist will Not want to touch another guys work, especially, badly done work.. it was near impossible to find anyone to remove it… when we did, it was revealed to us how badly this was installed… implaced placed where they shouldnt have been and at angles guarenteed to cause issues and breakage.. sure enough, when being removed, screws were over torqued and stripped and some even were found snapped so that she had an all on 4 supported by 3 working connections… the 4th snapped due to the stress of the extreme angle placement and also was infected and failed

  12. I have 4 dental implants, 2 tooth take out by recommendation of dentist and put implant, after 3 years they say I have gum disease the implant gonna loose,spent a lot of money after 3 years all gone, don’t trust dentist they just want your money, I have it done in San Jose, ca

  13. Do anybody know how to find implant victims' voices on Youtube or google? It's very difficult to find their blogs or videos. Only pages or channels I find are dentist's ones to advertise about implant. Everything is so controlled.

  14. Thermography can safely reveal the inflammation in your mouth (and body, breast, etc.) in a safe, non-radiation process. When I got my root canals out, I got better.

  15. My God. This woman unfortunately has no common sense and is suffering because of it. There is no way she needed 21 teeth pulled. Total scam. Her body is probably trying desperately to reject the metal posts.

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