MLK III Calls On Gavin Newsom To Allow Farmworkers To Vote In Union Elections

Martin Luther King III is sporting his father’s legacy in combating for equality by way of calling on California Governor Gavin Newsom to go law giving farmworkers the best to vote privately and freely. MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin spoke with him and his spouse, Arndrea King, in this push and their new initiative aimed to empower black and brown communities.

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47 thoughts on “MLK III Calls On Gavin Newsom To Allow Farmworkers To Vote In Union Elections”

  1. Even though the republicans dont like Unions,it is the only way to make the rich pay for a descent wage to these hard workers.Unions scale sets the economy into competition for workers and their benefits and need to make a comeback.

  2. You Democrats are going to be crying when we the semi-fascist take back the house come November Joe Biden just insulted half of the United States and he will pay dearly for that

  3. Recognize labor to give them rights. Calling people "illegal" just to pretend you're a 'knight in shining armor', when in reality you're just an insecure and ignorant knight of the KKK

  4. The lack of views on this video, lack of views on women-power, abortion-rights, immigrant-issues and solutions, lack of views on gun-ban or controll is an indication how chauvinistic and male-oriented the American society is. This is worrying and that narrative with actual forced policies on the citizens needs to change and be obeyed: BAN 2AA IMMEDIATELY 💯😐😐

  5. "No father or mother has loved you as God has, for it was that you might be happy he gave his only son. When he bowed his head in the death hour, love solemnized its triumph; the sacrifice there was completed."
    ~ Longfellow.

  6. It should be noted that while Gov. Newsom supports most unions such as teachers, and progressive causes it would be against his interests to have farm workers unionize. Mr Newsom is a major stakeholder in the wine industry so he understands that unionizing farmworkers in California’s vineyards would bring major pushback from the industry.

  7. So now its black and brown community you represent now huh??? The Mexicans don't even like black people, like 15% of them do they just get a free ride on the Civil Right movement where all the black people died and see no Mexicans helping! But now it's black and brown community, let me represent they self cuz they sure don't care about black people.

  8. The new Coalition is about a way to get tax dollars free tax dollars donations! This guy ain't done nothing since his father died nothing like his father! They murdered his father and he ain't got no fire in his belly!

  9. If these farmworkers are Americans, they should be allowed to vote. If they are foreign national individuals obviously they should not be permitted to vote. I know of no other country that allows for nationals to vote in their elections.

  10. WHERE are the BLACK grassroots/ black California farmers and farm workers in this story. I live in California and I want to hear from them not just Latino.

  11. Asking Governor Gavin Newsom to pass legislation giving farmworkers the right to vote is Political suicide … if there was just one or two 'illegal' migrants out of Mexico the Right Wing would tear Newsom apart ….

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