Mo Amer's New Netflix Show is Groundbreaking for Palestinian Representation | The Mehdi Hasan Show

Comedian Mo Amer’s new semi-autobiographical Netflix sequence, “Mo,” follows a person and his circle of relatives who’re undocumented and dwelling in Houston. The display is making headlines for featuring the primary Palestinian refugee lead on American TV — illustration that humanizes Palestinians and creates alternatives for extra variety in leisure. Amer joins Mehdi to talk about the display.
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42 thoughts on “Mo Amer's New Netflix Show is Groundbreaking for Palestinian Representation | The Mehdi Hasan Show”

  1. The shows based around race are doomed to fail because they put the skin color of their characters above making a good show. Which is why Netflix will cancel this after one season.

  2. Sounds great! What a nice way to educate us. I hope this will grow into a new conversation for beating the current animosity which seems to be the current trend Nice to see a little humour mixed with better ways to view things. Keep up the good work. I think you will never run out of material!

  3. This is very important. I've had conversations with incredibly prejudiced people who sincerely believe even Palestinian children are evil. It's important to humanize everyone. We're all human.

  4. Palestine/Palestinian isn't a real thing. It's a made up word by colonizers that means "invader." It's a word made up in an attempted erasure of Jewish history and culture. They are Arabs and Jordanians who are descendants of Islamic colonizers, and to this day fervently hold onto this obsessive hatred of the Jewish people. That hate isn't going away anytime soon. Mehdi Hasan and his duped regressive leftist followers simp for this abysmal ideology btw. Sad

  5. My only complaint is there are only 8 episodes. I’m enjoying it so much! Please renew with more episodes for season 2! As a white American, I love seeing the lovable people with various ethnicities. Great to see Palestinian, Jewish, Mexican, Nigerian people and their true personalities versus stereotypes. This show helps to tear down hate caused by being ignorant of other cultures.

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    Democrats left Americans and their allies behind in Afghanistan
    Democrats want to indoctrinate your children
    Democrats won’t prosecute violent crime
    Democrats want to take away your autonomy your car your guns your jobs
    Democrats are responsible for high gas prices high electricity prices and high food prices
    And the list goes on and on.

    Don’t get fooled again America
    Do not vote for Democrats
    Your families are counting on you to be informed and make the right decision..

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  8. Such a delightful segment, Mehdi. You and Mo have great chemistry. Maybe you can do a cameo or drop in spot. I've got to get my Netflix back on, so I can watch this. Been liking Mo's work for quite a while now. Salaam!βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ€

  9. So basically he got this position because he's a minority. This guy is not funny. This news segment itself has 10k views. No one cares. I've seen relatively unknown comedians 10x funnier and they don't have a Netflix special. Affirmative action.

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