More human remains discovered on drought-stricken Lake Mead, 4th time since May

It’s the fourth time since May that remains were exposed as Western drought forces the coastline to retreat on the shrinking Colorado River reservoir in the back of the Hoover Dam.

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6 thoughts on “More human remains discovered on drought-stricken Lake Mead, 4th time since May”

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  2. People are acting like that some huge great thing I don't think it's that big a deal other than the people that lost them that is horrible! Lake Mead has been around for so long with so many boats and so many things going around I'm surprised the number isn't in the hundreds

  3. So who can research well enough to find all recorded deaths on mead and find how many of the bodies were never recovered? Not only that but make your results available to everyone including authorities,who you would think,would already have done it because they already have most of the info! News archives should have the rest of it. Then there would be some more like dumped bodies and unknowns like lone midnight swimmers who cramped up and sank like a rock to leave only mystery as to their whereabouts. Anyhow those numbers might give some sort of estimate what is left to find. And don't forget,over the last 80 years or so some could have washed in from upriver.

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