More price hikes set for Spain

A serious drought in some portions of Spain have resulted in water restrictions, and now, olive growers within the south of Spain have mentioned that olive oil price hikes are looming.

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7 thoughts on “More price hikes set for Spain”

  1. Until February the olive oil sold in Spain comes from this year's harvest and besides olives are passing through tough times but not died yet. It's too soon to bet on the fate of olive oil production but it seems it's going to be more expensive atending to the news, independtly of how much it will rain and the actual production.

  2. Never, lol. the state creates the problem with their globalist friends like the world economic forum manage the reaction and come up with the solution. Agenda 2021 and 2030 are well underway.

  3. I like olive oil as well. Its a shame but some people may need to go for other alternatives, such as rapeseed or vegetable oil. I am not sure if other oils will be less expensive though.

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