Natural Health & Hygiene : What Is Tea Tree Oil Used For?

Tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that can be used to clean wounds and treat yeast infections. Treat wounds, psoriasis and other irritations using tree oil with tips from a natural healing specialist in this free video on natural health and hygiene.

Expert: Lauren Roy
Bio: Lauren Roy has been in the natural living business for about 15 years.
Filmmaker: EquilibrioFilms Jenn

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10 thoughts on “Natural Health & Hygiene : What Is Tea Tree Oil Used For?

  1. @sammimitsu says:

    If you add a few drops to some boiled water, you can dab it on as a deodorant. Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants are dangerous, because they block the sweat glands and the toxins go back into your body. Try using a few drops of tea tree oil in water, and add pure lavender for scent. It's cheaper and totally pure and organic.

  2. @ohpineapples says:

    Can I ask a question? Why can't tea tree be used in peple with hormonal imbalnce? I have that right now and I was just heading out to buy some tea tree oil. I know my hair dresser uses Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo on me, but doesn't know my Hormonal problem. Why can Hormonal people use it? Thank so much. !! Smiles !! By Hormonal Imblance I mean I'm going thru mentopause right now. Thanks !! x0x0

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