Night Skin Care routine using Almond oil | Beauty secret of Kareena Kapoor at home | Skin care


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I attempted attractiveness secret of Kareena Kapoor Khan at home 🙂
Yes !! In one of her interview’s she shared her attractiveness secret – how she used almond oil on her face sooner than going to mattress !
To get flawless gorgeous skin you want no longer cross to salon or purchase pricey skin care merchandise, your kitchen has all of the hidden gemstones 🙂

I’ve made this my evening routine and sure I will really feel the adaptation.
Result of using it –
1) Natural moisturizer – nourishes your skin
2) Delayed indicators of growing old – fades superb traces and wrinkles
3) Regains elasticity of your skin
4) Smooth and cushy the skin

1) Allergic to nuts
2) Prone to pimples
3) Have very oily skin



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47 thoughts on “Night Skin Care routine using Almond oil | Beauty secret of Kareena Kapoor at home | Skin care

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  2. lovi S 👣💗 says:

    Hello dear again..i used sweet almond oil to Remove my sunscreen followed ny Cleanse me face cleanser..and i tried for the FIRST TIME today and while massaging the oil my skin turned so red like it looked so sensitive….what am i suppose to do now …my skin turns so red dear..i need your help 😭😭😭

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