NURSE TALK: DANGEROUS Vaginal Hygiene Trends You Should NEVER Try | Yoni Steaming, Wipes, Douching

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Sometimes women flip to modern vaginal hygiene “treatments” to mend smell, itch, and discomfort or as a result of they suspect it’s a great way to stay the “V” wholesome. For this video, I teamed up with NutraBlast to debunk 5 commonplace female hygiene traits!

Douching is unhealthy for the V and reproductive well being. women who douche are 5x much more likely to expand bacterial vaginosis. If you have got an an infection, douching can power the organisms into the uterus which will reason pelvic inflammatory illness. It additionally will increase the danger of cervical most cancers.

Boric acid suppositories are a secure female hygiene development! Boric acid has been used for centuries to naturally save you and remedy vaginal smell, vaginal itch, dryness and extra discharge in addition to routine infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Boric Life, the boric acid suppository advanced through NutraBlast, does now not require a prescription and treats bv, yeast infections, smell, dryness, and itchiness in 7 days.

Yoni steaming comes to squatting over a pot of herbs and steaming sizzling liquid with the intention to “cleanse” your vag and relieve cramps, alternatively there’s no evidence that yoni steaming works.

Many female merchandise, wipes and washes comprise destructive, frustrating elements. The chemical compounds can disrupt your V’s pH ranges and build up the danger for infections like a UTI, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Vaginal deodorant may also be destructive on your girl portions. The perfume and smells in vaginal deodorant may cause inflammation. If you will use vaginal deodorant, use one thing pure like NutraBlast’s Intimist Spray. Intimist is an all-natural V deodorant that accommodates crucial oils and anti-fungal elements that get rid of vaginal smell and remedy yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

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FTC DISCLOSURE: This video is in partnership with NutraBlast in settlement to specific my truthful critiques about their merchandise. All critiques referring to this product are my very own. I’m merely disclosing this based on the Federal Trade Commission pointers regarding the usage of endorsements and testimonials in promoting.
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27 thoughts on “NURSE TALK: DANGEROUS Vaginal Hygiene Trends You Should NEVER Try | Yoni Steaming, Wipes, Douching”

  1. What feminine hygiene trends have your guys heard about? Have you ever tried any of these? What do you think about these trends? Share your thoughts on this topic!

  2. Welp after reading these comments I’m exiting this review! Thanks ladies… I’m going to go for the yoni steam as soon as I get this stupid IUD out!

  3. My gyno dr told me to never douche, spray anything on or inside the vaginal area. The vagina is self cleaning by itself- however I am curious about doing a yoni steam. Thank you for sharing this video, it is greatly appreciated 🙂👍💞

  4. I recommend trying things for yourself, rather than looking for proof of some things. V- steam is so old. It's not new. I learned of it more than 20 years ago. Does not harm you at all. It's just herbs and water. Very popular in other cultures. It's not serious. It was also found in luxury spas. There are many different ways to use herbs. Some people just like to cater to their V area. There is not always an issue going on.

  5. Interesting, you're pushing a bottle of pills for a healthy vagina but talking down on a natural herbal remedy that's been used for centuries all because it's not in some medical journal. Like black history, they will hide the truth! Pharma is BIG business why would any natural remedy be in publication?? Are you against hot baths? Because I believe women been taking those for a while now.

  6. Boric acid caused bright red bleeding!! Do not use it‼️ Just after ONE PILL!!! A lot of women have experienced this. It’s waaayyy too harsh & damaging to the vagina!! Smh🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. Any grown person knows not to touch hot water so what makes people think they don't have enough sense to sit over hot water, they let it cool first…lol

  8. Yoni steaming is a ritual
    Yoni healing is a ritual
    Yoni is the name of a demonic entity
    Yoni seat is called a throne

    Y’all be careful ❤️

  9. My first time and only time using Boric acid was so damn horrifying, it felt like it was burning and I had to literally take it out an that was my first and last time dealing with boric acid 😅
    I’m just going to watch what I consume, such as soda❌, juice, junk food and etc.

  10. She is literally down talkin Yoni Steaming but encouraging boric acid which is used to kill roaches and much more. She did have valid points on the temperature of water and what not and other points about washes and products. However, an industry created by men and a system created to keep people ill to make money will never endorse a practice that was created by nature and used by women of tribal descent for thousands of years. I pray for her awakening.

  11. Women that are yoni steaming, are not children, therefore; in my perspective I believe most of the women have common sense in the water temperature. If you think about it, every time that you run a hot bath, you test the water innately. Therefore, when it comes to Yoni steaming, we would do the same thing. Yoni steaming is an ancient practice, and I believe that you are giving out false information to women, which has the potential to detour them from this beautiful self love practice. The proof is in the pudding, ask the woman that yoni steam if it works, science doesnt need to confirm everything. Tune into your intuitive, conscious mind and out of your logical mind.

  12. YONI STEAMING – To every beautiful woman that is reading this, please allow your own mind, heart, body & soul to decide if this practice is for you. Yoni steaming is perfectly safe, when done correctly. I speak from experience, I built my own Yoni steaming chair, I played healing music while I built it, and I painted it, decorated it to symbolise myself, and my sexual trauma healing, as well the balance of my feminine and masculine energy. I created my own herbal blends, growing my own plants and flowers setting my intention into each seed. This practice is sacred, healing, and nourishing. This practice is loving thy self, healing thy self, cleansing yourself as a whole, washing away what no longer serves you, emotionally & physically. Listen to yourself, not other peoples opinions, because your true essence is where the truth lays. NAMASTE

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