OLIVE OIL 🫒 How is olive oil made? How to store olive oil? How to taste olive oil? Become a pro!

Hello everybody! Today I’m speaking about olive oil, an indispensable a part of our tables. I’ll be telling you all in regards to the distinction of olive oil in comparison to different oils, the way it’s made, several types of olive oil, how to store it and a lot more. Afterwards, we’ll display you ways to taste olive oil as a gourmand 💫

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Olive Oil Milling Machines Al-Sadoun

28 thoughts on “OLIVE OIL 🫒 How is olive oil made? How to store olive oil? How to taste olive oil? Become a pro!”

  1. I so agree with you about the benefits of olive oil. I use it for just about everything except deep frying. I do love the unfiltered oil which is often sold here on roadside stands. Especially good on chumous or on the big Druze pita. Much love.💕

  2. It's best to deep fry in animal fats. We've been programmed to fear cholesterol but really it's better than refined oils. I recommend everyone to see Doctor Sten Ekberg's video on oils.

  3. Also growing Marjoram basil and cilantro I'm failing or my seeds are old or the soil is horrible can you make a video from these? Especially Marjoram it's my favorite thank you.

  4. I love your videos I am glad I found your channel . I subscribed and shared with my family I have learned so much from you. Love and hugs to you and your crew.🐞🦬❤️🪶. 11-20-2022

  5. Thanks so much for this lesson. It's very instructive & helpful 🤗.
    Refika, can you please give us some ideas of what we women could eat nutrition wise to gain back fast our monthly loss of blood rather than running to see the doctor for medications.🙄. Love this video and thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask about what we would love you to develop for us 🙏🏿. Stay blessed in God's grace & Peace to you and your crew members . ✌️✌️And ❤️❤️.

  6. Love your enthusiasm! Coconut oil is what we use and that’s the juice of a coconut! The trees are not as old as olive trees … closer to 40 or 50 years

  7. Where i am from in California many olive trees grow there. I love how you talk about the olive trees and how beautiful olive oil is. I have never made it myself but when I go back home it's something I would like to get a chance to do. Great video.

  8. I use olive oil the cold pressed kind for dressings, and on top of hummus, and in some sautés for soups or sauces – And then I use coconut oil for roasting vegetables anything I cook at high temperatures.

    Olive oil is so delicious

  9. I would like to thank you for the video, as being a fan of Nazım Hikmet. He is a real value of this geography. And 'Yaşamaya Dair' is one of my favorite poems. I think his name should be heard outside of our country.

  10. Have you thought about working with sorted food on an episode? Your energy and love of Turkish food would probably be fantastic and work well with their format.
    Really love watching what you do. Keep up the good work. All the best to you and your team.

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