Olive Oil, Exoskeleton, Nanobots, and more! | Simply Science

Carol Anne Riddell discovers some olive oils that may lend a hand struggle most cancers; Mike Gilliam learns about Telehealth, video-chatting with a physician; Ari Goldberg visits Kingsborough Community College’s Eel Lab; Susan Jhun meets an engineer from the City College of New York who’s creating an ultra-light exoskeleton; Barry Mitchell explores teeny tiny microbots; and we check out Perseverance, NASA’s latest rover this is heading to Mars this summer time!

(First air date: 5/05/2020)

Simply Science explores the sector of science and the affect it has on us. Whether it’s tech communicate, clinical marvels, going green or very good shows; we’ll transcend the headlines and ship the science information you’ll use.

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Olive Oil Milling Machines Al-Sadoun

1 thought on “Olive Oil, Exoskeleton, Nanobots, and more! | Simply Science”

  1. All of this is such BS. Science has always started to twist nature and create Frankenstein results from something that was perfect to begin with. These mad scientists are only concerned with money and no regard for the respect of nature and life.

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