OLive Oil filling machine&Olivenöl Füllmaschine&De llenado de aceite de la máquina

The olive oil filling machines (more info about filling machines visit site at apply for programmable logic controller(PLC) human and machine interface technology,equipped with imported photoolectric track switch from South Korea,which is suitable for filling ointment products in the industries such as ointment,olive oil,syrup,shampoo and fruit juice etc. The filling nozzle will be automatically inserted into the bottle to carry out the filling and then rapidly ascend,which can reduce the air bubbles. The olive oil filling machine integrates electric and pneumatic function into one with reasonable design ,stable performance,glass table surface. The olive oil filling machine equipment is the best choice for the realization of automatic production for olive oil filling industry.
Automatic Oil Filling Line
Product: edible oil/vegetable oil/olive oil /eating oil/refined oil/mustard oil
Fill Qty :500ml,1Lit (up to 5Lit)
Capping: Screw Type,Press Fit type
Label: Self Adhesive Roll Formed (side labeling ,round labeling)
Space Required: 20FtL x 8FtW x 7FtH
Power: 380V,3Phase ,60Hz.
Line Consists Of:
A) Automatic 4 Head Filling Machine
B) Online Single Head Capper
C) Labeling Machine
D)Packing Table
SPEED- Up to 40 Bottles/Minute (depends on practical test of your bottles during trial)
With Infeed Rotating Turn-Table
Suitable fill 200ml,500ml,1Lit of Edible Oil in PET bottles
4 Head Motor Driven Piston type filler,
Drip free nozzles
Infeed Rotating table
Single Head filling nozzles,
6 Feet Belt Conveyor,
Pneumatic Bottle Stoppers,
1.5HP-Mechanical Motor drive,
Variable speed drive,
+/-1% filling accuracy
SS316 Contact parts,
SS Covers.
Control Panel
Power: 430V, 3 Phase 50Hz
Size:8 Feet L x 4 Feet W x 6 FeetH
Suitable to Seal the Caps on the bottle
Single-Head Capping,
4 feet in-built motor driven bottle-passing conveyor,
Cap Feeder
Rotary Turret & Guides,
Power input: 1HP-Main Drive, 9crompton Make)
Highly precise capping,
Variable Speed Pulley,
SS Covers
Control Panel
0.5HP Conveyor Drive
Geneva Mechanism for turret
Power: 430V, 3 Phase 50Hz
Size:4 Feet L x 4 Feet W x 6 FeetH
Suitable to apply labels on round bottles
Wrapp Arround Labeling system
Complies with 5 Feet Long Conveyor
SS Covers
Sanyo Denki-Japan make Label Release sensor unit
Accurate postioning of the labels
Roller spung for pressing the labels on corners and passing rollers.
Power: 430V, 3 Phase,50Hz
Size:5 Feet Long x 5 Feet W x 4 Feet H
For more information about olive oil filling machine&Olivenöl Füllmaschine&De llenado de aceite de la máquina from PENGLAI Cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery factory PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED ( please feel free to contact us online by email jackdu999@yahoo.com or directly browse our business blogger

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