Olive oil is not healthy

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In this lecture excerpt, Dr. Klaper discusses olive oil and the unfavourable well being results of this and different high-fat meals. olive oil is an especially calorie dense Food with deficient Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio and 14% saturated fats.

Lecture by way of Michael Klaper, M.D. on the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2012

🎥 Video: Salt, Sugar & Oil: What You Need To Know –
Running Time: 73 mins

About the video: “Would you eat something if you knew it significantly raised your risk of tissue aging, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, cataracts, blindness, kidney failure, stroke, and other degenerative diseases such as arthritis and erectile dysfunction? Excessive consumption of salt, sugar, and oil have been linked with all of these! Could your favorite flavors be hurting you? In this presentation, Dr. Klaper tells you What You Need To Know Before You Take a Bite!”

Dr. Michael Klaper is a proficient clinician, internationally-recognized trainer, and sought-after speaker on nutrition and well being. He resolutely believes that correct vitamin — thru a whole-Food, plant-based nutrition — and a balanced way of life are crucial for well being.

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This content material is for informational and academic functions handiest. It is not meant to offer clinical recommendation or to take where of clinical recommendation or remedy from a non-public doctor. All audience of this content material are suggested to seek the advice of their docs or certified well being execs relating to explicit well being questions. Neither Dr. Klaper nor the writer of this content material takes duty for imaginable well being penalties of anyone or individuals studying or following the guidelines on this tutorial content material. All audience of this content material, particularly the ones taking prescription or over the counter drugs, will have to seek the advice of their physicians sooner than starting any vitamin, complement, workout or different way of life program.

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48 thoughts on “Olive oil is not healthy”


  2. Wow! I was looking for which oil is better to use as my cholesterol is high and this talk made me realized there's no such thing as better oil. Thank you Dr. Klapper!

  3. Wow! Here we go again! I been involved with food from A-Z! First you said a very general thing about all Americans. They can't do moderation with their diets. What! I know hundreds who do it every day! I have worked at very healthy resturants. According to you and others. They are doing every thing right. I look at them and a lot of them are some of the most unhealthiest miserable people I have ever seen. Life is about balence! Moderation! Your attitude in life. That is something I hardley have heard folks like you never say. I have volumes more too say. I hope someone will listen and understand what I am saying. Ps. I was cooking and teaching before healthy foods was the in thing. Plus anyone can die at any moment. And be living a lifestyle of being healthy. Doing every thing right! Walk down the street and your breathing air pollution! Please stay positive everyone. It will help!

  4. pubmed disagrees with this guy as for health benefits. Adulterated olive oil is a big issue however.
    California Ranch is one of the best brands….said Consumer Reports. Drink a shot, if your throat burns…it is good
    I was told the the olive oil used at many restaurants is 90% canola oil

  5. Thanks Dear Dr. Klaper. Would HV fallen to the EVOO trap this week itself. Thanks for saving me. An from Kerala state , GOD's own Country – state of ( India) . We hv tons of coconut oil to use. How is it Sir !? This is my WhatsApp number too. Could I expect you to share the pros and cons of our Coconut Oil !!!? Awaiting your response Dear Sir. Am a Tutor turned QC. Trying to uplift the weaker sects to toppers. Memory is ultimate for me. Thanks Sirs. Sincerely Matthew John

  6. Love from India:

    Completely given up added sugar for coffee/tea – it was quite tough one to do but did it after 6 months of trying it.

    Avoiding salt as much as possible.

    Giving up oil is difficult – will be keep trying – We never use olive in India, it is quite expensive as it needs to be imported but still using other oils like groundnut oil, coconut oil, sesame oil

  7. This is interesting because EVERY other health food expert including many doctors say olive oil is VERY healthy for you in dozens of ways. I’m not buying this…….I think he’s wrong.

  8. I started using Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a few months now. Since using it. I sleep better, my skin glows and definitely feel healthier. My blood pressure lower significantly. After my physical no issues with my arteries. Sorry Doctor I am not agreeing with you on this one.

  9. Wow this is very outdated. First your supposed to buy extra virgen oliva oil and it has a positive ratio of omega 3. Carbs and sugar turn into fat. Why do you think Greek kids are fat because they eat sugar, I live in Spain same thing, they eat a almost fat free diet with a lot of sugars and carbs. When they use oil it's cheap canola oil. This information is so outdated and already proven not to be true. Get your information straight who is paying you for this information. In Denmark we had a doctor we called him the always saying becel was the more healthy you think anything healthy can come out of all this process. The doctor was payed to say these things.

  10. I know people who constantly let it be known that they are vegetarian or even vegan yet constantly fill up on processed foods. They are over weight, fighting cancer, asthmatic, arthritic, suffer from sleep apnea and low energy and are able to find any number of leading "authorities" who sanction their dietary choices.
    I no longer try to help anyone defending the holy trinity fat, salt and sugar of the fake food industry as it only annoys them and frustrates me.
    I turned 79 this year and just placed second in my age group in a 5k race. Peace💚

  11. While olive oil might be unhealthy for specific individuals, such as those with highly progressed cardiovascular disease, or those trying to lose weight, in general it is a healthy food in moderation, as evidenced by actual studies of populations that consume alot of olive oil.

  12. One of the very best videos on the traps of eating processed oils and especially anyone being fooled (like I was) that olive oil is any different. Just eat the olive whole!

  13. 3:02 — The Greeks are not “the fattest country in Europe”. There has, however, been a gradual but very significant rise in obesity among segments of the Greek population since the last of the habitual famines and incessant wars which, until very recent times had been our constant companions, and had kept us mean and fighting trim for millennia. But this rising trend in obesity is certainly not due to olive oil — the idea is laughable; it is most assuredly the result of affluence, as many Greeks have over the past decades increasingly adopted elements of the calorie-rich Northwestern European and North American diet IN ADDITION to continuing to enjoy their traditional fare. It isn’t olive oil that’s making my compatriots fat — it’s American-style fast food, other highly processed and industrially prepared foods, ‘junk’ snacking, refined sugar, decadent sweets, and not least, the common practice of devouring a minimum of 5kg of grilled meats per capita at the taverna at midnight topped off by an equal amount of seafood and other gastronomic specialities, before stumbling off to bed at 2:00 a.m….It was not always so: my great-uncle Perikles, for instance, starved for the first half of his life. In the old days, he would get by on perhaps 1,500-1,800 calories per diem in times of plenty (hardly a surplus, especially considering the level of physical activity he and his fellow pastoralists exerted in the craggy countryside of Central Greece). A morsel of coarse barley bread or dry rusk dipped in olive oil and sour wine mixed with water, a handful of olives or figs, wild greens and a little fruit when in season, vegetables, porridge, gruel, or a modest serving of stewed legumes occasionally supplemented by a bit of goat cheese, fermented milk, or sheep’s yogurt — these were his daily staples during the “fat days”. In lean times — of which there was an abundance — even the least of these meagre provisions were well nigh unattainable. As for meat, butter, eggs, sweetmeats, and other dainties, these were rare luxuries which he might taste the merest samples of only at Christmas, Easter, and sometimes, if he were particularly lucky, on the greatest Saints’ Feast Days. My uncle tells the story of how once, as a child of seven, he had been severely punished by a near-sighted schoolmaster who thought had seen him eating a hard boiled egg which was presumed stolen. By the time it was discovered that the boy had been munching on a peeled head of garlic for his lunch, he had received the most savage beating of his life (no apology was forthcoming, of course, since the school authorities of the day, in their benign and unassailable pedagogical sagacity, considered that such exercises in corporal chastisement, even when sometimes misplaced, were in the end morally justified and profoundly edifying for curbing the naturally gluttonous inclinations of wayward youths who were sybaritically predisposed to eating like their elders and betters). Were it not for the sustaining power of olive oil, Uncle Peri — and many like him — would undoubtedly not have survived the long decades of war, famine, and extreme privation. Standing nearly 1.93 m (6’4”) tall in his prime, my uncle weighed barely 63 kg (140 lbs.) up until age fifty; now, at nearly one hundred, he measures several inches less, but weighs in at nearly double his wartime weight of 55 kg (ca. 120 lbs). By the early 1970s, when the hard times finally came to an end in rural Greece, he vowed there and then, to consume in the second half of his life what he had missed out on during the first part, when from earliest childhood he had been desperately, painfully, perpetually hungry. There are many of the older generation like my uncle Perikles in Greece: to them, food is the ultimate expression of love, and they revel in it. As the saying goes, “there are lies, there are damned lies, and then there’s statistics.” ADDENDUM (edit.): The hypothesis that the copious consumption of olive oil is somehow responsible for the recent rise in obesity among the Greek population is so ludicrous, that it might have been formulated by Hercules’ brother — Ridicules…

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