Olive oil price skyrockets as Spain suffers summer droughts for second year | BBC News

Spain is the world’s biggest olive oil producer, covering 70% of European Union consumption and 45% of that of the entire world.

But a lack of rain that olive-producing areas around Spain have been seeing has had an enormous impact on both the amount of oil being produced – and its price.

In Spain, olive oil prices have increased by more than 70% this year alone after a sharp rise in 2022, with one-litre bottle of extra virgin oil currently costing around €9 ($9.88; £7.79).

The rise in the price of olive oil in Spain has been echoed across Europe – however in some countries, the increase has not been quite as sharp.

A recent trend, for example, has seen Spaniards who live near Portugal crossing the border to buy slightly cheaper oil there.

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29 thoughts on “Olive oil price skyrockets as Spain suffers summer droughts for second year | BBC News

  1. @hiccuphufflepuff176 says:

    Olive oil is a staple for me. It's the only liquid oil I buy. Guess I'll have to start boiling my eggs, and eat more fish for my Omega-3. Realistically I'll probably eat more margarine, which I know isn't ideal. Never been a fan of butter.
    With climate change, crop failures and shortages like this are going to keep happening. Probably a good idea to be ready to adapt. Know what's essential in the foods you eat and learn where else to get an item's nutrients if it gets taken off the market or becomes unaffordable.

  2. @p.s.1642 says:

    It s not true:the price raise isn't because of rain (it rained last year) but because of taxes. The social-communist government and the EU are to blame. They want us poor and without food sovereignty.

  3. @robertluiswilliams7189 says:

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