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In Turkey, Olive sector take place in economy with two main categories. It is useful to analyze Turkish Olives
according to these categories. After 1960’s, Turkish Olives and olive oil started to take place in the international
markets. And Turkish Olive sector also increased its importance in Turkish overall economy. Turkey’s average share of
world olive production is between 7-10%. And Turkey is the fourth producer of the biggest olive and olive oil producers
in the world.

In Turkey, there are approximately 85 million olive tree. 76% of the trees are in Aegean Region, 14% of the trees are
in Mediterranean Region and 9,5% of the trees are in Marmara Region. Olive and olive oil production rates are same as
olive tree population. By the way, olive tree populations in Turkey are increasing year by year with support of Turkish

Marmara Region: The olives in this region are most appropriate ones for corned olive. The olive production rate in this
region is 9,5% of all Turkey’s production.

Aegean Region: At the line between Çanakkale and Mugla have the best growing conditions for olive trees. This region is
the biggest olive producing area in Turkey. 76% of olive trees in Turkey are in this region. Due to the kind of olives
in the region features more olive oil production. But the studies for increasing the production of table olives are
undertaken in recent years.

Mediterranean Region: In the homeland of olives, Mediterranean Region in Turkey is lagged behind other regions in the
country. There are indigenous olive varieties as well as common olive varieties of Marmara and Aegean regions. 15% of
production in this region is divided for table olive production. The olive production rate in this region is 14% of all
Turkey’s production.

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