Our Long Lost HARVEST GODDESS Auntie?! 🦊 Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town β€’ #52

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🦊 Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town β€’

We’re taking on an deserted farm in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town! Will Seri the Pixel Biologist have the ability to are living as much as our grandfather’s legacy – and can Pioneers of Olive Town are living as much as it is lengthy legacy of implausible farming video games?!

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Welcome to Olive Town, a calm group established by way of your trailblazing grandfather and his pals. Now that you’ve got taken over his farm, it is your activity to hold on his legacy.

Plant plants, elevate animals, construct relationships, and get to understand the citizens of your new house on this brand-new access within the STORY OF SEASONS collection!

β–ͺ Cultivate Your Farm, Cultivate Your Town
Tame the barren region and construct your farm from the bottom up! Gather and procedure fabrics to meet requests and toughen Olive Town’s infrastructure, improve equipment, or fee new outfits and equipment.

β–ͺ A Farm of Endless Possibilities
Clear the land, restore previous amenities, and position new ones anyplace you spot have compatibility. Level up your farming talents and craft a wide range of decorations and amenities, from fences and automated feeders for farm animals to sprinklers for plants!

β–ͺ New Adventures Off the Beaten Path
Finding Earth Sprites whilst exploring your farmland might lead you to mysterious, fantastical lands similar to gardens the place the seasons by no means exchange, an island within the sky, and even the interior of a volcano!

β–ͺ There’s Always Something Going on in Olive Town!
Participate in native gala’s and watch the city come to lifestyles! Get to understand your neighbors higher with over 200 distinctive occasions, and you will even to find love with a unique somebody!


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21 thoughts on “Our Long Lost HARVEST GODDESS Auntie?! 🦊 Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town β€’ #52

  1. Wendy says:

    I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! FINALLY A NEW EPISODE!!! The Harvest Spirit is my favourite character in this game! I’m so glad you finally got to see her. 😊

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Seri! Big fan of this series!
    Just wanted to mention that with the newest update, you can now turn on Chat Camera in your settings, which zooms in on characters faces when you talk to them and gives them clearer expressions! I don't know how long you prerecord in advance, so maybe you already know, but just in case I am mentioning it!

  3. choco the weka, mint the wolf and vannila the lion says:

    hey seri i have a wolf as a pet in storys of seosons but i have a super sad roleplay story of why i have a wolf pet i will tell you.
    Once i had a black and white shiba inu dog her name was ivy and one day i took her on a walk in a forest and ivy saw a squirl and so she followed it and ended up meeting up with a wolf that was all alone and she let the wolf wich was a male kill the squirl but the wolf gave ivy the to eat the squirl with him so they ate it together and then they fell in love i let the two play for a while but then it got so me and ivy went home and after a few months the was at my house door with a squirl it had hunted for ivy and she looked super and i thought thats the happiest i have seen ivy since she frist met the wolf so then i released her into the wild so she could be with the wolf .A few years later they had some pups and as a gift to me ivy and her wolf mate let me own one of them and i named the pup wich is a male barkley.
    edit: yes you are right they are hidding from a ninja assain

  4. Demarie McCurdy says:

    Hi, Seri! I wanted to say that I got Lost Ember because of you yesterday, and finished it today! I really hope you could maybe do Lost Ember again. (I put that on this video's comments because it is your newest video, sorry if I sound annoying or something.)

  5. Kiwi Shaed says:

    Fun Fact-

    When a wombat poops, it comes out as a cube shape.
    I'm going to stop making fun facts. This has nothing to do with not wanting to do so, but it's not being able to do so. I just started school in person and I'm unable to post fun facts early. I also have a bunch of activities and it's just too hard to keep up. I will still comment from time to time, though.

  6. Sharon Kofoed says:

    I'm SO glad that you have found out who she is!!! I was SO caught off guard by that Iori heart event…wonder if we will find out more info about him! Can't wait to see who the RNG picks next!

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