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This is not just genius for a vegan chocolate chip cookie or regardless of it. This cookie, from Ovenly founders Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, can leisure solely by itself deserves: its soft-bellied, chewy, caramelly-crisp-edged, rippled and by the way vegan deserves. SUBSCRIBE TO FOOD52 ►►

Makes: roughly 18 cookies
Prep time: 24 hrs 20 min
Cook time: 13 min

2 cups (250 grams) all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon fantastic salt
1 1/4 cups darkish chocolate chips (we favor chocolate with 60 p.c cocoa content material or upper—double-check the elements if you wish to make certain they are vegan)
1/2 cup (100 grams) sugar
1/2 cup (110 grams) packed gentle or darkish brown sugar (observe: on picture shoot day, we used a particularly darkish vegan brown sugar)
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon canola, grapeseed, or another impartial oil
1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon water
Coarse-grained sea salt or flaky sea salt like Maldon, for garnish


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33 thoughts on “Ovenly's Secretly Vegan Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies | Genius Recipes

  1. Leslie Rhoda says:

    I really wanted these to be great, but they weren’t. I followed the recipe exactly and realised as i was trying one of the finished cookies that they couldn’t be that good. There’s nothing in them with any flavour. I believe they would be much improved using a flavourful oil, like coconut oil or butter flavoured Crisco, and possibly an imitation butter additive and would definitely include some vanilla extract. I’m lactose intolerant so i miss that depth that butter imparts. The neutral oil somehow comes through in the finished product and seems to amplify because there’s no other flavours to compete. Side note- I’ll tinker with this recipe. I may add some walnut meal or almond meal and reduce the liquid fat content, using one of the two fats i mentioned above and add some homemade bourbon vanilla extract. Even another thought, because I’m not vegan, i may use ghee the next time I make them because ghee is virtually lactose free and has TONS of flavour. Just some “food” for thought. :::edited 2 days later::: while i stand by my earlier musings and ideas of how to improve these, after cooling and sitting for a day, they are much improved. More chewy, less of the oil flavour and an all around better cookie. My friends and family also said how good they were and that they wouldn’t have known they were vegan. So, in fairness to the recipe creator, these are a pretty good cookie after all. I will still add some vanilla and maybe a few nuts or something next time. And the flaky salt is definitely a must, don’t skip it!

  2. mhkpt says:

    If you take out that extra tablespoon each of oil and of water, the dough will hold its shape without having to freeze. This is a phenomenal recipe that I have made over 20 times, both classic and with variations – my personal favourite is by adding orange zest and orange essence, and using orange-flavoured chocolate.

    Also, a lot of vegan chocolate isn't explicitly labelled as such, but you can see in the ingredients that it's vegan. Often, when it's only "secretly" vegan, like Lid and Aldi have here in the UK, it's cheaper than the labelled stuff, and often better, in my experience.

  3. Elife says:

    These are my go to cookies! For anyone wondering, yes, it does make a big differents if you don't chill them (mostly the texture but you'll also notice that after the chilling the dough doesn't taste like baking soda anymore)
    When they are fresh out of the oven the taste like nothing BUT once they're cooled they are so good. I mean the ingredients are so cheap, just give it a go!

  4. Lalalalala! says:

    I love that this has reg household ingredients that I already have. So good and definitely better than the tubs of cookie dough. Taste great! Never would have guessed they are vegan

  5. diamond says:

    this is my favourite cookie recipe so far! before I turned vegan, I was obsessed with subway cookies. I missed it after I turned vegan. but after baking these cookies, I felt like I was eating subway cookies again! definitely recommend this recipe!

  6. shirin nayebi says:

    I’m a vegan And I feel like I’m on crazy pills why does everyone think this is a good recipe? Oil water and flour make bread this has no flavor and I literally spit it out no one else feels this way?

  7. Nane says:

    I had chronic fatigue and excessive hair loss. I went vegan and all my problems were gone! Now I feel extremely happy and energized! Also, my hair is knee length!❤️ I feel like I'm thriving!😌 I believe it's bc of all the rich vitamins in every food!!🥝🍐🥰

  8. happy me says:

    So I prepared these after reading somany comments saying it worked for them… Seriously amazing cookies.. I'm not even vegan… But I would suggest add some coffee aas they're a little sweet..

  9. Arika Tank says:

    I added a pinch of espresso and used steam refined coconut oil, all purpose paleo/gluten free flour, used coconut sugar + maple syrup, and added some chopped toasted hazelnuts as well as topping and served it with some light, creamy, plant based almond-cashew-coconut-hazelnut milk piping hot chocolate…

  10. PV says:

    I made this TO THE TEE. It is not great. The texture is okay but the taste… is missing a richness and fullness you’d get from some sort of plant milk and plant butter. The dough is SUPER oily. Like after 12 hours in the fridge 1/4 cup oil seeped out of them. So much extra oil left on the parchment post baking. The final product feels like a fried crispy dough with too much chocolate, the salt helps but doesn’t create a nice balance. Lots of work for not that good of a product. You have to dunk them in milk or coffee to taper down the extreme sugary taste.

  11. Dia says:

    Very nice cookie recipie! I try to make it! iI didn't have these ice cream scoop! Can you tell me is grams the size of the cookie we you make the a ball? Have a nice day! 👍👏🍫🍪🍫🍪🍫

  12. EuropeanGuy87 says:

    I followed the recipe but I guess because I used a bigger ice cream scoop they stopped raising mid-way baking. Maybe it has to do with the flour here in Europe. Regardless, they were fantastic, and even better after 2-3 days. If you do it right you can't even tell that they are vegan.

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