Palm oil production in Pakistan l GNN l23Nov 2020

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20 thoughts on “Palm oil production in Pakistan l GNN l23Nov 2020”

  1. سارے پاکستان میں جہاں بھی زرخیز زمینیں ہے وہاں تیل اخروٹ ربڑ شہد زیتون کے درخت لگانا چاہیے اس سے لوگوں کو روزگار ملے گا اور پاکستان ترقی کرے گا؟

  2. its a good news but i doubt it kay 50 acres ya even 1500 acres say bhi pakistan ki palm oil imports khtam ho jayain gi. so reporter is not giving accurate news. albatta its a good start.

  3. Pakistan is richest country karachi lahore islamabad need bio gaa plant should available cows so car can run with gas also gas kitt small car good car gas kitt cng or lpg can use in car cultus type car need in pakistan improve small car shape car also pakistan can make with china or your self

  4. Cost price less need to buy car encomy car need in pakistan petrol plus cng or etc big land government keeping bio gas plant cows plus under ground system cheap gas nukes plant can make lot of karachi is hub

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