Parsley, Olive Oil and Garlic Sauce| Healthy Green Leaves | #17

How to make Parsley, Olive Oli and Garlic Sauce, a really perfect topping for Focaccia, sauce with pasta, vegetable dishes and bread unfold.


1 cup parsley
200ml olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 lemon juice

Mix in a jar and stay it within the refrigerator.

Bon Appétit
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We are two foodies who experience wholesome, vegetarian Food and like to cook dinner! 🙂

We have a tendency to cook dinner our favourite foods, which adjustments over the seasons and years.

Many of the recipes are conventional, the as soon as that we discovered from our folks, and a few of them are moderately modified by way of us, in step with our style.

Many recipes come from the puts we lived at and met other people at (Austria, Syria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Luxembourg, Italy), visited for holidays and business trips so we had a possibility to devour nice Food there (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, India) or had been taught to us by way of our pricey pals from around the globe (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Philippines, China, Iran, Morocco, South Africa) once we had been visiting every different and become a part of our on a regular basis consuming behavior.

There are, as smartly, many dishes that we made up, on the moments of creativity. 🙂

As we’re each very long time vegetarians (20-25 years respectively), all our dishes are vegetarian.
We nonetheless use positive kinds of cheese and eggs.

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