PART 1 – Harvesting Olives in Portugal – Portugal Farm Life 66


PART 1 of our first ever Olive Harvest is now continue to exist YouTube.
Thanks to Nick & Andrea for coming spherical to turn us how its accomplished and for our superb neighbours who helped us for three days to get the entirety accomplished.
We could not have accomplished it with out you all ❤️

Watch PART 2 right here:

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23 thoughts on “PART 1 – Harvesting Olives in Portugal – Portugal Farm Life 66”

  1. Great job ! You’re booth a big source of inspiration for me in my surch of moving to Portugal in some years…
    Started by learning the language this year, which I find very important.
    Keep the good work going, Gina and Ken ! Groetjes uit België

  2. You don’t need to explain yourself to others. It’s your business why you don’t drive and, since you are narrating the videos, it’s pretty obvious you are doing the filming. Keep up the great work!

  3. we can see all the work you guys have put in….keep filming. The driving explanation was helpful. Gina may need to come forward a bit and give us her views…I see her sense of humour from time to time. its all good.

  4. That's very interesting seeing how olives are harvested also the info on the olive shaker (price & weight) I can see the weight would be a huge factor after holding it a few hours.

    Edit, Part 2 answered my questions 🙂

  5. Take some advice from an old woman. Let people think what they like!! They are all wannabees who sit on YouTube criticising instead of leading their own full lives. I have choice words for such but respect your channel. And you pay for your own beer so to heck with them.

  6. A thumbnail sketch of how small minded people can be. Just ignore all the naysayers. I’m sure if Gina had issues she’d straighten you out quickly. Keep the videos coming. Keep smiling, to hell with all the whiners. Best regards from Ottawa Canada

  7. I am really enjoying learning more about you and Gina. Those who push such negativity need to mind their own P’s and Q’s. You do NOT have to explain anything to anyone! You two just keep being who you are.

  8. I don't think you should have shut hives! Now those out can't come back, and those in will stress and perish. I am remembering In Greece they wack the trees with a straw broom!

  9. When people have achieved and can do what you guys do, better, they might feel the urge to give advice or ask questions. Other than that, there is no point in even reading their posts. Hubby and I love watching your videos, aware of the hard work it takes, but envious non the less.
    Ps. Love how Gina has taken on the 'Ja'.

  10. It is very lovely to have such kind neighbors. May I ask how you compensate them for their time? Do you pay them in oil, or cash, or trade of some kind, or do neighbors just help each other when it's needed?
    Next season will they come again, or will they loan or rent you their tree shaker, or do they anticipate you getting your own?

    (Curious about cultural expectations. We are planning to emigrate and there is so much to learn!)

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